Mark Wahlberg, Ted


Mark Wahlberg understands why people were offended by some of the jokes that Seth McFarlane's Ted character made during their appearance together on the Oscars, but he also says they meant no harm.

Jewish watchdogs groups blasted the cracks made by Ted about Jews running Hollywood.

"It's one of those things that's a very sensitive subject for certain people, so I understand," Wahlberg told me earlier today at the launch of his and Sean "Diddy" Combs new line of bottled water, Aquahydrate. "I didn't expect [the criticism], but then looking back, I get it.

"Hopefully people don't take themselves too seriously," he added. "It was meant to entertain and that's it."

Besides, he said, "I can't control what Ted says. He's got a potty mouth. He's got a mind of his own. If I tell him not to say something he's going to push the envelope even further."

Chances are Wahlberg won't be offending anyone with Aquahydrate. He became familiar with the company while training for The Fighter. "I immediately started feeling the effects of the water," he said. "I was recovering faster. I was able to train better."

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Mark Wahlberg, Sean Diddy Combs

PRNewsFoto/AQUAhydrate, Inc.

He eventually bought the business and later asked Combs to get involved. "I didn't like how other waters tasted," Combs said. "I tasted this water and I really loved it. I know I had a hit when my kids wouldn't drink anything but Aquahydrate."

The brand is just one step in Wahlberg's quest to promote good health.

"I want to build inner city gyms for people who can't afford to join Equinox," he said. "Look at the obesity situation in America, I want to build gyms where you learn about nutrition and learn about fitness."

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