Warner Bros. Denies Conflict With Olivia Wilde After Allegation of “Screaming Match” With Florence Pugh

Warner Bros. is denying any issues with Olivia Wilde following a report that accused her of a "screaming match" with Florence Pugh on the set of Don’t Worry Darling.

about 14 hours ago

Florence Pugh Shares Photo With Olivia Wilde Amid Don’t Worry Darling Gossip

Florence Pugh shared behind-the-scenes photos of Don’t Worry Darling, including an image alongside director Olivia Wilde amid rumors the pair had a fallout.

about 15 hours ago


How Netflix's Do Revenge Created All the Costumes We Can't Stop Obsessing Over

Do Revenge costume designer Alana Morshead talked to E! News about how she styled Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and the rest of the cast in Netflix's new too-cool-for-school teen comedy.

about 19 hours ago

A Complete Guide to the Don't Worry Darling Drama, From CinemaCon to Spit-Gate

The run-up to Olivia Wilde's latest movie, Don't Worry Darling, co-starring her real-life boyfriend Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, has been a popcorn-worthy event all its own.

1 day ago

Gwyneth Paltrow Poses in Bikini as She Shares How She’s Embracing “Wrinkles” Ahead of 50th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow shares how she’s coming to terms with past “mistakes” and the steps she’s taken to love her body ahead of her 50th birthday.

1 day ago

Nicholas Sparks Wants Harry Styles to Star in Dreamland Movie Adaptation

Nicholas Sparks explained why Harry Styles would be an ideal fit for the role of Colby in a Dreamland movie adaptation.

1 day ago

Why Charlize Theron Says She's Never Had a "Kim Kardashian Level" of Fame

Charlize Theron got candid about her relationship with fame and why her daughters’ approval means more to her than Hollywood’s.

2 days ago

Harry Styles' Mom CLAPS BACK at Don't Worry Darling Critics

Harry Styles' mother Anne Twist responds to negative comments about Harry's girlfriend Olivia Wilde, hours after praising her on social media for "Don't Worry Darling."

2 days ago

Bandit Stars Josh Duhamel & Elisha Cuthbert on First BIG PURCHASE

"Bandit" stars Josh Duhamel & Elisha Cuthbert reveal what they bought after getting their first big Hollywood check. Plus, find out what brings them happiness.

2 days ago

Harry Styles’ Mom Anne Twist Praises His Girlfriend Olivia Wilde

It’s a sign of the times: Harry Styles’ mom Anne Twist wrote an adoring review about his girlfriend Olivia Wilde and her movie Don’t Worry Darling.

3 days ago

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey Cast as Fiyero in Wicked Movies

Good news! The Wicked movies have officially found their Fiyero in Bridgerton leading man Jonathan Bailey. See how the actor, Ariana Grande and more reacted to the casting news.

3 days ago

Here's What's Coming to Netflix in October 2022

Netflix is all tricks and treats for its October 2022 lineup. Here's when you can watch The Good Nurse starring Jessica Chastain and a spooky-themed Nailed It! season seven.

3 days ago


Why Kaley Cuoco Says "Everything Changed" When She Met Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey

A year since her split from ex-husband Karl Cook, Kaley Cuoco dished about her new romance with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey. Plus, hear the actress praise her Meet Cute co-star Pete Davidson.

3 days ago

Pete Davidson & Kaley Cuoco's Improv Makes Meet Cute "Honest"

Director Alex Lehmann sounds off on what drew him to the not typical romcom movie "Meet Cute" starring Pete Davidson & Kaley Cuoco on Peacock. Watch.

3 days ago

Kaley Cuoco Talks Chemistry With Pete Davidson in Meet Cute

Kaley Cuoco dishes on hitting it off with Pete Davidson while filming Peacock movie "Meet Cute." Hear about their magic & chemistry and Kaley talks meeting new love.

3 days ago


How Taylor Swift Influenced Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke's Netflix Movie Do Revenge

Do Revenge director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson exclusively told E!'s The Rundown that the film was influenced by one of Taylor Swift's albums. Learn which body of work impacted the movie.

3 days ago

Netflix's Do Revenge Cast & Director on Taylor Swift, HSM & More!

Netflix's "Do Revenge" cast talks about their experiences creating the movie. Plus, director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explains how Taylor Swift influenced the film.

3 days ago

Where You’ve Seen the Cast of Netflix’s Do Revenge Before

Netflix’s Do Revenge put together a star-studded cast of familiar teen drama actors in the dark comedy movie.

4 days ago

Margot Robbie Makes Effortless Outfit Change During Amsterdam Premiere

Margot Robbie stunned in not one but two outfits during the New York City premiere of her latest movie, Amsterdam, which also stars Taylor Swift, Christian Bale and more.

4 days ago

Why Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Were "Mortified" When Barbie Photos Went Viral

Hiya, Barbie fans! You wanna hear what it was really like for Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling to be photographed in their rollerblading costumes while filming a scene for their movie? Scroll on.

4 days ago

Here’s Why Florence Pugh and Chris Pine Missed the Don’t Worry Darling Event in New York

Florence Pugh and Chris Pine explained why they couldn't be in attendance with a video message to fans at a Don’t Worry Darling event in New York City.

5 days ago