Spider-Man 2 Villain Revealed: Jamie Foxx in Talks for Nemesis Role

Hollywood thesp is likely to get a charge out of his latest gig

By Josh Grossberg Nov 01, 2012 9:58 PMTags
Jamie Foxx, Spider-Man, ElectoColumbia Pictures; Marvel; AP Photo

After playing a slave out for revenge in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Django Unchained, Jamie Foxx is staking out another electrifying role.

A source confirms to E! News that the Oscar winner is in talks to play Peter Parker's latest arch-enemy in Sony's highly anticipated sequel to last summer's The Amazing Spider-Man

So which baddie within Spidey's gallery of rogues is getting the big-screen treatment this time? Will it be crime boss Kingpin? Kraven the Hunter? Or maybe Mysterio?

Well according to Variety, which first reported the negotiations, the 44-year-old Foxx would play Electro, one of Spider-Man's most dangerous villains who made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 9 back in Feb. 1964.

As Marvel Comics lore has it, Electro is the guise of Maxwell Dillon, an emotionally stunted man with an inferiority complex who's struck by lightning while working as a lineman. Instead of being killed, the accident gives him the superhuman ability to control electricity. Donning a green and yellow lightning-themed costume and embracing a life of crime, Electro becomes one of the webslinger's most fearsome foes.

If Marvel's traditional post-credits teaser to The Amazing Spider-Man is any indication, Electro ought to play a big role in the follow up. 

Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb coming back for more Spider-Man

In the brief scene, fanboys saw Dr. Curt Connors locked up in prison when there's a thunderous lightning strike and another man suddenly appears (Michael Massee), hidden in shadow, who questions the good doctor as to whether Parker found out the truth about his father. After another lightning flash, Connors' shadowy friend is gone.

We'd say that's a pretty big hint.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are set to reprise their roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy respectively with Marc Webb back in the director's chair. If all goes according to plan, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should be swinging into theaters on May 2, 2014.

The DVD/Blu-ray for the first installment of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot comes out Nov. 9

 —Reporting by Marc Malkin