Quentin Tarantino really let Django Unchained run free this time.

A new two-and-a-half-minute trailer for the director's latest ultra-violent dark comedy not only showcases more of the film's talent—Christoph WaltzLeonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson do Quentin Tarantino's biting dialogue proud, plus we finally get a glimpse of Jonah Hill as one of the antebellum tale's many assorted scumbags—but it also delves much deeper into the back story of Django, the out-for-revenge slave played by Jamie Foxx.

Apparently, the bad guys whom Waltz's bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz wants Django's help in catching were the ones who sold Django's wife, Broomhilda von Shaft (Kerry Washington) into the clutches of DiCaprio's "repellant" plantation owner.

So, you know, everyone must die. But if this mashup of scenes is any indication, audiences are going to have a lot of delightfully uncomfortable laughs watching the action unfold.

Django Unchained hits theaters with a vengeance on Christmas Day.

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