How Jessica Alba's Honest Confession About Prioritizing Herself Benefits Her Whole Family

Jessica Alba opened up to E! News about how she practices self-care when she's juggling her career, kids and more, noting, "I like being mindful that I don't need to always be on ."

By Alyssa Morin Oct 21, 2022 10:00 AMTags
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If there's one thing Jessica Alba is going to do, it's be honest.

When it comes to prioritizing time for herself, the Dark Angel star told E! News that it can be challenging. Between building a beauty empire, running a production company and spending time with her family, there's a lot to juggle.

"It's not easy carving out time for myself," Jessica, who partnered with Nintendo Switch Sports, said. "I have to wake up earlier than everyone else in order to get that time. And I'm usually dog-tired by the end of the day—I can't wait to go to sleep."

But no matter how exhausted Jessica may be, she stresses that it's necessary to practice moments of self-care.

"It takes more brainpower to take care of other people," she shared. "I like being mindful that I don't need to always be on. I feel guilty whenever I'm taking time for myself, but it's important we do that. I'm an entrepreneur, so people are relying on me...and I feel the pressure of that."

Jessica Alba Through the Years

So how exactly does the Honest Company founder squeeze in her wellness practices? Hint: She keeps it simple by incorporating meditation and movement.

"I have an alarm that wakes me up and my meditation ready to go," she explained of her early-morning routine. "I throw it in my ears and I lay back down or sit up in my bed."


As for the 41-year-old's other practice, she will sometimes opt for a workout that doesn't feel like one.

"With Nintendo Switch Sports and the active options they have, it's fun to do," she explained, before noting the brand is coming out with golf this holiday season. "You forget that you're doing fitness because you are moving around and having a good time."

Jessica noted that playing video games not only gets her heart pumping, but it's a great way to spend time with her husband Cash Warren and their three kids: Honor, 14, and Haven, 11, and Hayes, 4.

The mom of three also shared another family activity that they've implemented at the dinner table: "We ask for your rose and thorn of the day." 

"What did you learn from a challenge that day and what was your favorite part of the day," Jessica said of the questions they ask each other, adding that she and Cash are "really honest about what we went through that day."

Zusha Goldin

As she put it, "Being vulnerable in front of your kids shows them that it's OK for them to be vulnerable, to learn from your mistakes and to keep it moving."

"For my kids, I stopped trying to change who they are, and I embraced living in my truth," Jessica added. "I feel I'm much more happy that way."

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