Watch Jessica Alba and Husband Cash Warren Answer “Cringey” Parenting Questions From Daughter Haven

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren gave their most candid answers to the questions that their daughter, Haven, had—and the video is the best thing you'll see all day.

By Kisha Forde Apr 19, 2022 12:26 PMTags
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It makes total sense that the founder of the Honest Company is—well, honest.
Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren proved that to be true when the longterm couple sat down to answer the most "cringey" questions their now 10-year-old daughter Haven had for her parents. The two, who tied the knot in 2008, are also parents to daughter, Honor, 13, and son, Hayes, 4.
In the video shared to Jessica's YouTube channel on April 15, it's clear that although Haven's parents have plenty of professional experience, their daughter is a natural at being on-camera. "Havie's always fun to have in videos," the actress shared. "She's pretty much taught me how to do YouTube."
As for who's the couple's favorite child? "Haven, you're my favorite child by FAR," Cash jokingly answered. "Right now, you're an only child in my mind." However, Jessica decided to answer with a more diplomatic approach: "Whoever's in front of us is our favorite."

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After being asked about how they met (while filming Fantastic Four in 2004), Jessica and Cash took a candid walk down memory lane. "You had a girlfriend," Jessica recalled to her hubby, clarifying that they weren't "boyfriend and girlfriend, but just hanging out."

"Your dad had a legit girlfriend," she told Haven. "And your dad had to take Polaroid pictures of me with different various contact colors to see which ones were more realistic…that's probably the one thing that I would take back, is not wearing the contacts. Although if I wasn't wearing the contacts, we wouldn't have been taking the photos of me and maybe we wouldn't have made a connection."
But not so fast—Cash knows that they would've ended up together no matter what. "We would've made it," he assured her. "I would've figured it out. I was laser-focused, zeroed in on her."

After learning of their love story, Haven jumped right back to the present, and naturally, as any kid would want to know, she also asked "how mad" her parents truly get at her and her siblings from time to time. "Some of the time we're laughing about it, because it's really funny but we're pretending to be mad," Cash answered. "So, I would say, most of the time we're really mad and then on a rare occasion, it's funny."

Watch the heartwarming video above to see when Haven admitted that she "broke the law."