I Tried Cassie From Euphoria’s 4 AM Beauty Routine: Here’s What Happened

Sydney Sweeney's character Cassie did a 4 AM beauty routine on Euphoria that I just had to try.

By Marenah Dobin Feb 06, 2022 3:13 PMTags
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If you're anything like me, you are glued to your screen every night when Euphoria is on. There is so much to break down from every single episode, from the drama to the fashion, and recently the beauty beauty tips. We all know that the cast gets glammed up by makeup artists and hairstylists before filming, but within the show itself, we saw Sydney Sweeney's character Cassie Howard wake up at 4 AM to start her multi-step self-care routine.

I don't wake up at 4 AM, but as she went through the steps, I kept noticing products I already had and some others that I really wanted to try (like those heatless curlers). I don't think it's necessary to wake up at 4 AM just to get ready for school or work, but I am all about fitting in my self-care when I can (especially while I'm working from home). While I wait for my coffee to brew, I use an ice roller on my face. While I sip that coffee, I have under-eye patches on. Before I go on camera for a Zoom meeting, I can keep my hair in those heatless curlers. It is very easy to fit these things in, multi-task, and still be on top of your goals for the day.

Whether you want to wake up early to do that Cassie-inspired beauty routine from start to finish or if you want to take my approach and fit it in with your existing schedule, I have to say that the Euphoria team definitely knows what's up in terms of putting a beauty regimen together. These are affordable products that I have seen amazing results from. Warning: you will be very tempted to click "add to cart" as you read this.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Under Eye Patches for Every Skin Concern at Every Price

Amirce Golden 3D Electric Facial Roller and T Shape Facial Roller Massager Kit

I've been wanting to use a gold sculpting bar ever since I heard Gwyneth Paltrow raving about her Jillian Dempsey tool. In full transparency, I didn't want to spend $195, but I did get this two-piece set on Amazon for $19 and I'm happy I did.

This set comes with two different, battery-powered facial massagers. I use the Y-shaped one along my jawline and the perimeter of my face to sculpt and diminish swelling and puffiness. The T-shaped roller is great to work in serums on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. I feel like all of my skincare products are doing a better job when I finish the application with this tool. I turn to these before a big event or the morning after a big event when I want to get my face looking its very best (and free of puffiness). This set has 2,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Corated Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Hair Clips, and Scrunchie

As someone with straight hair, I am always looking for an easy way to add some texture to my hair. I am all about multi-tasking, so if I can curl my hair while I sleep or while I do some work from home, I'm all about it. Wait until your hair is 80-90% dry, then put this on your head as if you're wearing a headband. Then wrap your hair around one side and put one of the (included) hair ties at the end to hold your hair in place. Then do the same thing on the other side.

When your hair is dry, take it out and check out the curls. I find that wearing it overnight is the way to go. The longer I have the curler in, the more curl I got and those curls lasted longer. This was actually pretty comfortable to sleep on, but if that's not your vibe. You can shower in the morning, put these in and then take them out when you are getting ready. 

If your hair doesn't hold a curl well, spritz it with some hair spray or dry texture spray after. This set comes in a few color.


Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eye, Puffiness, Migraine, Pain Relief

If you don't have an ice roller by now, you really need to get one. It's so simple, yet so effective. This is great to reduce redness and inflammation. It's comforting if you have a breakout or even if you get laser skincare treatments and want some relief after. Additionally, this is another great tool that decreases puffiness and helps my face look more sculpted. I use this every morning and night. Plus, it feels incredibly refreshing.

This roller has 11,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews. This specific ice roller has been recommended by Porsha Williams, Madison LeCroy, Ariana Madix, Teddi Mellencamp, and so did Zoe Kravitz and Brie Larson's makeup artist.


Suprance Green Tea Matcha Eye Mask- 30 Pairs

Under-eye patches are the luxury you need in your everyday life. Trust me on that one. They are cooling, comforting, and hydrating. They're the perfect way to start and end my day. Under-eye patches are probably my favorite skincare product right now. My skin feels so soft after and, one again, we are combatting puffiness with these. I indulge in these every day, but if you cannot, these are great skincare prep for a big event. I have seen a difference applying concealer and foundation after using these patches vs. not using them at all. And if you bring these on a girls trip, all of your friends will use them the whole time. Trust me on that.

These Green Tea Matcha Eye Masks have 1,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.


Fomi Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Bead Full Facial Mask

I was shocked to see Cassie wearing one of these hot/cold face masks because I thought I was in the small minority of people using one of these. It's not one of those "viral" products, but it's been a favorite of mine for 2+ years now. I prefer to keep it in the fridge or freezer to reduce inflammation and redness, but you can also heat it up in the microwave to relieve discomfort. I use this if I have a breakout, a psoriasis flare up, hives, or if I just want to calm my skin down. I get laser facials once a month and use this after to cool down and calm my pink/red skin. I also feel like my skin looks its best when I wear this for 15 minutes before I put on makeup. If you don't want to use a roller on your face, just put this on and let it do its thing without any "work" from you. 

There's a soft side of the mask which feels comforting, but if you really want that dose of cold, flip it to have the gel side against your face (which I prefer).

Pardon my blurry screenshot from Cassie's jade rolling moment.


Baimei Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Cassie used a jade roller and a gua sha stone while she got ready. We've all seen these tools going viral for many reasons. These totally live up to the hype. This two-piece Bamei set has the rose quartz face roller and a gua sha stone, which the brand says helps with lymphatic drainage, promotes circulation, relaxes muscles, and reduces wrinkle. I like this to reduce puffiness and the presence of dark circles. This also make my face look more toned and sculpted.

I also like to use these tools after I put on serums and moisturizer. I have definitely noticed a difference between when I use my skincare products alone vs. finishing my routine with a jade roller and gua sha stone. These are definitely worth the purchase. 

E! shopping editors love this set, which has also been recommended by Kyle Richards, Lisa Barlow, and Cassie Randolph. This set has 27,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews.


CSM Body Brush For Beautiful Skin

On Euphoria, Cassie used a brush like this in the shower to scrub her skin, which you can do. However, I use this one before I hop in the shower on dry skin. According to CSM, it promotes lymphatic drainage and increases circulation. When I get out of the shower, my skin feels insanely soft until my next shower. This is a definite game-changer for body care. I brush upward on my legs, downward on my arms, and I go in circular motions on my stomach, back, and butt. I avoid the neck, chest, and face because that skin is much more delicate. If you haven't dry brushed, you are seriously missing out. It has so many benefits and amazing results.

The Bachelor fan favorite Catherine Giudici Lowe praised this dry brush in a recent Amazon roundup. Plus, it has 15,00+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

SheaMoisture Coconut Oil and Hibiscus Illuminating Body Lotion for Dull, Dry Skin

Hydration is so important, during all times of year. This body lotion smells beautiful, absorbs quickly, and it makes my skin feel soft. If you remember to use this after the shower, it delivers much softer results, but this is great any time you need a bit of hydration, especially if you watch your hands a lot.

Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

This isn't a product that we saw Cassie use on Euphoria, but her real-life counterpart Sydney Sweeney raved about it during an interview with Story + Rain, remarking, "I started using the SolaWave Wand within the last few weeks, and I use it every single day. I went to the gym today and everyone was like, 'Your skin. It's glowing. What did you change?'"

So, yes I got one of these too.  According to Solawave, this tool uses light to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and blemishes. I'm trying to be proactive and get ahead of wrinkles (so I don't have much to report there), but I have definitely seen a decrease in the redness of my skin and breakouts have diminished. I've had facials with light therapy, which can get pretty price. This is a great alternative or even just a good way to keep your skincare maintenance in order in between facials.

While you're shopping, check out these beauty products used by stars that never seem to age, including Paris Hilton, Gabrielle Union, and Jennifer Lopez.

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