Real Housewives Star Lisa Barlow’s Amazon Picks Will Make You Feel “Baby Gorgeous”

Make your skin, hair, wardrobe, and home "Baby Gorgeous" with these Amazon picks from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow.

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We included these products chosen by Lisa Barlow because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Lisa is a paid spokesperson for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Shopaholics, please, take in these words of wisdom from Lisa Barlow: "You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look amazing. It's just important to find the right products." The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member shared that sentiment during a recent Amazon Live session.

The Diet Coke enthusiast explained, "I am a hunter. I love to go on Amazon and just search through things and find things that I love." Lisa shared the products that make her say "I love that" with the utmost enthusiasm possible, explaining why she loves these items that she "can't live without." If you want to have that "Baby Gorgeous" lifestyle, check out the skincare, makeup, haircare, fashion, and home items that Lisa loves from Amazon.

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Tervis Coca-Cola - Diet Coke Tumbler with Wrap and Frosted Lid

"You guys know I have to have my Diet Coke. I carry it everywhere. For me, it's always time for a Diet Coke. This little cup is so cute. It keeps the Diet Coke cold inside."

Coca-Cola Diet Coke Portable 6 Can Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

"I had to get this Diet Coke mini fridge for my office. It's so cute. It fits six cans. Just plug it in. I love having something like this on the side of my desk, so I have my chilled Cokes. You know I need to have my Diet Cokes chilled. I absolutely love them."

Ekouaer Womens Satin Robe

"One of the things I can't live without are Amazon silk robes. I have this one in black and three other colors. It's super sleek and silky. It's so beautiful. I love them because they're super soft and silky. They come in so many colors. When I'm applying my makeup, I love it because helps me not get makeup on my clothes. I absolutely love these silk robes. These are a great gift and they're also great to gift yourself."

"I wore this when I was getting ready for the reunion."

Gritheim Women’s Fuzzy POM POM Feather Velvet House Slippers

"To go with my robe, I like to feel super cute when I'm getting ready, so I have these amazing pom slippers. I love that they have fur. I love fur. These are the perfect house slipper. They're comfortable and they keep my feet warm. I'm always cold. I feel super glam with these cute, little slippers with my robe. They come in five different colors. The black are just super cute." 

UGG Women's Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper

"Another slipper that I love are these Ugg slippers. They actually come in six colors. Look at these. I love them because they give me a little lift. I love to have these on. They're fashionable too. Sometimes, I will go in the car with these on to add a Diet Coke. They're comfortable and super cute. They're also great for flying. I love them with yoga pants or even with some of my jeans."

These slippers have 25,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Prosteel Hoop Earrings Minimalist Everyday Wear Jewelry for Women

"I can't live without hoop earrings from Amazon. These are gorgeous. They come in so many different colors. They come in different sizes too. I absolutely love these."

Poly- Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display

"I love this monitor. For all of you working from home, who need a great monitor with built-in selfie lighting, a great speaker, and a great microphone. This monitor has everything all in one. I do all of my Zooms and Skypes on this. Trust me, if you're working from home, you want to look hot. You need to have this monitor. The selfie lighting adjusts in response to the light that comes in through the window of my house."

Fresh Wolf Sulfate Free Shampoo & Healing Conditioner

"Our styling products are great. All the products are professional men's grooming products. They're salon-quality. They're created with the most amazing ingredients. The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing. Check them out. You will love them."

Stori Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers- Set of 2

"I'm an organized freak. I'm a modern minimalist. These drawer inserts are everything. I absolutely love these because they keep my drawers clean. I love when I pull them out for everything to be organized. I love these storage containers. I have them in every single drawer in my house from my kitchen to my storage closet downstairs. They hold everything nicely. I can stack my makeup in them." 

These drawer organizers have 1,500+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking and Setting Powder

"If you want to look perfect with your makeup, this is something I can't live without. It really helps pull in the pores. It makes your face look so perfect and smooth. It's a secret trick. I wish I started using this a long time ago. It comes in multiple colors depending on your skin tone. You can buy one that works appropriately for your skin tone, but I cannot live without my Huda baking powder."

Fenty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer Private Island Full Size

"Another thing that I can't live without is this Fenty Bronzing Powder. You can get it in different shades. It gives the perfect contour. I absolutely love it. It gives you that perfect bronzed glow."

Mosanana Square Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

"I love these sunglasses for the shape. I am a sunglassholic. I legitimately have more than $300 pairs of sunglasses that are carefully organized in a drawer and I have travel cases for them too. These are gorgeous. Sunglasses make a look. Always have good sunglasses."

These sunglasses have 5,500+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna- Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip

"Look at these little lipsticks. How gorgeous is this little container. It's so cute. It goes on perfectly. It's super hydrating without being sticky. The thing we don't love is when our lips are sticky and our hair gets stuck in our lip gloss."

Newkey LED Face Mask Light Therapy

"The LED mask is amazing. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my skin is everything to me. I'm in my 40s, and to me, skincare is everything and this LED mask is absolutely the coolest. If you have acne scars, this helps. This lessens the look of wrinkles. It is everything and you just plug it in, lay down, relax, and let the mask do its magic. There are different settings depending on what you're trying to achieve. I try to be as natural as I can be. I don't like Botox. I don't like fillers. Taking really good care of your skin is so important to me. I think using this two-three times a week is perfect." 

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray

"I am neurotic about my skin and hair and I do not like any kind of roots. One thing that I love is this Oribe root spray. It is like no other root spray. I think a lot of root sprays flake off and get on your forehead or your skin and it's not that cute. I love this one because you can just gently spray it. If I'm in between touch-ups, I love this product. They have this for brunettes, blondes, dark hair. I absolutely love this product. I absolutely cannot live without it. There is nothing worse than when your roots show. I have tried every root spray. This one is beyond the best. I actually love love love it."

N+B Shampoo Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner

"My hair is everything to me. I think it's so important to have smooth, strong shiny hair. How I achieve that is with these products. This is formulated for smooth, strong, shiny hair. I cannot live without them."

Little MAC Lipstick in Whirl

"I love Whirl and Soar by MAC. I love this one because it's purse-sized, so I can just touch up my lips throughout the day. I absolutely love this lipstick." Click here to find out more about Lisa's go-to lip liner in Soar. 

NanoSteamer PRO Professional 4-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

"I need to have a facial steamer. This is something you can use three to four times a week if you have time. This one comes with all the things you need to get your skin amazing, like a hairband and extraction tools."

This facial steamer has 23,800+ 5-star reviews and it was recently recommended by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and by our own E! Shopping Editors.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

"Setting spray is super important. This is a product that I can't live without. After your makeup is fully on and done, you have to use a setting spray. I have this in my makeup bag and in every suitcase I have, so I never forgot it. It's absolutely amazing. You will love it. I can't live without it."

Nina Dobrev uses this setting spray and so do our E! shopping editors. This is one of our favorite beauty fixes and sweat-proof makeup essentials. This spray has 5,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

N/A Hair Accessories- 18 Pieces

"I love delicate, feminine barrettes. These are awesome because they're really well-made and they have great hold. These are amazing. They don't slide or fall out. I like to stack my barrettes and layer them. Super cute. They're super cute and they get the job done."

KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink Edition) By Eugenie Tsai

"I like just having beautiful books on coffee tables all around my house. I love the pop of color because everything in my house is very neutral and very monochromatic. I love this book. I'm obsessed with it."

Mangopop Women’s Mock Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

"I love turtlenecks because they look clean. You want a very simple, chic look. You want to make sure that if you don't know what to wear, that you just have a turtleneck and jeans around. You will always look timeless. I love this one and it comes in many colors."

This best-selling bodysuit has 19,500+ 5-star Amazon reviews. This is one of Amazon's top-selling bodysuits and it's also a favorite pick from Kyle Richards' Amazon must-haves list and an Amazon favorite from Summer House star Paige DeSorbo.

Dermora Store 24Kk Gold Eye Masks– 20 Pairs

"Just with how much makeup I wear all the time, I have to hydrate under my eyes. These gels are amazing. They're super easy to apply. They come in these individual packs. They're great to put on right before an event if you want to be super hydrated. They're 24-karat gold. They hydrate so well and they give you dewy, perfect skin that you'll absolutely love."

These eye gels have 11,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews. These have been recommended by Kyle Richards, Cassie Randolph, Kenya Moore, and E! Shopping Editors.

Baimei Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

"Every girl needs to have a jade roller. These are amazing to get all the puffiness out. I can't live without these. Get yourself a jade roller. You won't be sorry. I absolutely love it."

E! shopping editors love this set, which has also been recommended by Kyle RichardsJoJo Fletcher, Kenya MooreRachael Kirkconnell, and Cassie Randolph. And if you want to emulate that 4 AM Euphoria beauty routine, get this. This set has 28,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews and it comes in seven colors.

Arcona Facial Cleansing Product

"I can't live without this Arcona facial scrub. When I went to an amazing spa, they used this cranberry facial scrub on me. I cannot live without this. This is something you need to have to polish your skin. It's absolutely amazing. Definitely get this. It will keep your skin absolutely beautiful."

Lulusilk Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold

"For sleeping and for traveling, I love to use this silk mask. It's amazing. To fall asleep with this on, is nice because it blocks out all the light. It's a good way for me to just shut down. I love this. Just pop this on when you're on a plane."

This mask has 5,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

"Everyone should get themselves a silk pillowcase just to keep your skin and hair beautiful. You need this."

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Strengthening Milk

"This is absolutely amazing. I have not gone without this in probably seven years. It's a great treatment for your hair after you shampoo and condition your hair. Put this in pre-blow drying. I start on my hair from the ear down and massage it in, making sure I coat the entire thing. Wow, it's a game changer. You really want to protect your hair from the heat and lock in silky, shiny hair."

Mars Wellness 4 Piece Professional Comb Set

"When I flat iron my hair, I have to use a comb. For men and women, you cannot live without these combs. Always have these in your bathroom or wherever you're styling your hair."

Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Midi Leggings & Spacedye Slim Racerback Bra

"If you're working out and you just want to feel cinched, these Beyond Yoga leggings are absolutely amazing. They're stylish. I actually love wearing these with my Ugg slippers. These leggings just fit perfectly. There's a matching bra that goes with them. They hit at the perfect point on your stomach. I don't like things too high. I don't like them too low, but these hit in the perfect spot. We absolutely love these. The bra that goes with it is so cute too."

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Bleach Free- 35 Count

"I am a cleaning freak. When it comes to my bathroom, I have to have it pretty much hospital-clean and Clorox gets the job done. I even have blinged out Clorox Wipes because I am a die-hard Clorox fan. These are great to wipe down surfaces and make sure they're super clean and perfect. I live for my Clorox products."

This wipes have 6,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit

"I love leather cleaner. I love to keep my car clean. There's nothing worse than getting into someone's car and being like 'Is that gonna get on my clothes?' You need to have leather wipes with you. These are amazing and make your car smell super super good too."

This has 2,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

If you are looking for more Lisa Barlow-inspired shopping, here are her must-have beauty products that will have you saying "I love that."

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