See Paige DeSorbo Find Out Craig Conover & Kristin Cavallari Are "Hooking Up" on Summer House

Craig Conover is stirring the pot on Summer House after being accused of hooking up with Kristin Cavallari. Watch him drop a major bombshell about Austen Kroll & Lindsay Hubbard.

By Allison Crist Jan 28, 2022 10:09 PMTags

Chaos courtesy of Craig Conover.

The Southern Charm star arrives to the Summer House on Monday's all-new episode, and based on this sneak-peek clip, he's hell-bent on stirring up major drama.

The teaser begins with Craig talking to Lindsay Hubbard, who explains that she's simply trying to be "a good friend" to Paige DeSorbo, who he began dating after they met on Bravo's Winter House

"She asked me, 'Is Kristen hooking up with Austen [Kroll] or Craig?'" Lindsay adds, making a reference to Kristin Cavallari, who the Southern Charm duo got to know last year though she's since denied rumors about hooking up with either of them. "And I was like, Craig," Lindsay seemingly confirmed.

He doesn't seem too phased to hear this, instead telling Lindsay, "Me and Paige can hook up with whoever. We're all okay with it."

However, that doesn't seem to be the case once a clearly-upset Paige heads upstairs as Craig yells, "Paige, what are you doing? If you let Lindsay get in your head, you are weaker than I thought."

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Eventually following her upstairs, Craig chooses not to address the rumors about him and Kristin, but instead trashes Lindsay, calling her "the biggest loser in the world."

"Craig, now I look stupid," Paige says in light of the Kristen revelation.

"We've been having a blast," he responds. "And you know better than this."

Mya Allen then steps in and tells Craig to let Paige "make her own decisions," but he just continues to berate Lindsay before dropping a bombshell.

"Her and Austen have been dating for four years while dating other people!" Craig alleges. "You know better than this. They are."

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The girls are naturally taken aback, but when they press for details, Craig says he's "not gonna get into this." 

"You just said that him and Lindsay have been dating for four years!" Ciara Miller responds.

He's over the conversation at this point, though. 

"I really hate that they upset you," Craig says while leaving the room. "I wouldn't have come here if I'd known that Lindsay would get in your f--king head. That's absurd."

Watch it all go down in the above clip. Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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