What Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard’s Summer House Co-Stars Really Think of Their New Couple Status

Summer House's Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke told E! News how they feel about their co-stars Carle Radke and Lindsay Hubbard dating. Hear their responses below!

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Things are heating up in the Summer House

Carl Radke confirmed he's dating his Bravo co-star Lindsay Hubbard earlier today on Wednesday, Jan. 12, and E! News got the exclusive scoop on how the other cast members feel about the longtime friends taking their relationship to the next level.

"We are so excited for them," Amanda Batula said, sitting alongside her husband and fellow Summer House star Kyle Cooke. "We've obviously known for a while and, you know, they gave it a go way back when, and then they were best friends in the interim. And here they are trying it out again and the timing seems so much better."

As Summer House fans surely recall, Carl and Lindsay briefly dated during season four—Amanda described the attempt as the two "exiting the friendzone and quickly going back in"—however, as Lindsay told PageSix on Wednesday, they "were both in such very different headspaces" at the time.

There's one major difference between now and then, though: Carl has since given up drinking

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As Carl told Us Weekly, "Lindsay's and I's relationship has grown immensely in the last year because of my sobriety and where I'm at."

Amanda and Kyle echoed this sentiment, with the latter explaining to E! News that their journey has only made their relationship stronger. 

"They understand each other so, so well because they've both been there for one another when they've been going through their own individual hardships, challenges or, you know, whatever life has thrown at them," Kyle said. "And so I mean, if there's anybody that understands one another, it's them, right? So I think that gives them a really great shot at having a great relationship."


Kyle went on to reveal that the four of them recently traveled to Charleston, giving him and Amanda a front row seat to "that true couple zone," as he put it. 

Added Amanda, "It was cute! And it took a little bit of time to get used to them, like, calling each other 'babe' and and kissing because you feel it's like your parents. You're like, 'Wow this isn't right!'"

"But again, seeing them both so happy, I feel like I got to see a side of them in a relationship that I've never really seen before," Amanda continued. "Just like their energy that they were giving off. So I'm really excited to see where they go."

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Perhaps Carl and Lindsay will eventually follow in their friends' footsteps by tying the knot? Amanda sure hopes so. 

"I can't wait to go to their wedding!" she said.

Catch Amanda, Kyle, Carl and Lindsay on Summer House when season six premieres on Monday, Jan. 17 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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