Why Austen Kroll Was Even Shocked By His Winter House Love Triangle With Ciara & Lindsay

Winter House's Austen Kroll dished on his almost instant chemistry with Ciara Miller and why he never expected BFF Lindsay Hubbard to fall for him. Get the scoop on their love triangle.

By Brett Malec Oct 20, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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This love triangle is certainly heating up winter.

Austen Kroll is dishing on his steamy Winter House hookup with co-star Ciara Miller ahead of tonight's big premiere. And E! News already revealed via an exclusive sneak peek at the new Bravo series, Southern Charm's Austen and Summer House's Ciara waste no time getting hot and heavy after moving into the Winter House together.

"You show up to the house and I'm really just looking to have fun and to get away from Charleston really and to have fun with my friends in the mountains," Austen told E! News exclusively. "Ciara and I did kind of—not immediately—but pretty quickly hit it off. I was just attracted to her of course and just her sense of humor I guess, we really clicked on that. The fact that I could make her laugh on command is key."

But as the Winter House trailer already teased, things get complicated for Austen when Lindsay Hubbard admits to him, "I'm in love with you." Austen says even he was shocked to find himself in a love triangle.

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"I guess what people don't understand and they don't really know until they watch the show, because we definitely talk about it a bunch and we set it up, is that Lindsay and I have been friends for like the past four years. And we're great friends in fact," Austen explained. "She knows everything about my past relationship and I know everything about hers. We used to call each other up and bitch and moan and complain about all the things I didn't like. So going to Winter House I was very excited to see Lindsay, because I was like, ‘Hey, if everything turns sideways, at least I have Linds.' And she felt that same way about me."

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He continued, "Now her dropping that bomb on me was just that: It was her dropping a bomb on me. A bomb that I was not expecting. I was kind of like, ‘What?! What are you doing Linds?'"

Austen further clarified, "It's not me going into the house and pursuing every girl that's there. It's me having the prior friendship with Lindsay."

While fans will have to wait and see how things play out for Austen, Ciara and Lindsay, he did share that, "I leave the house on good terms with everybody."

And as for his current relationship status, he confirmed, "I am single and I am dating." 

Watch the premiere of Winter House tonight, Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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