Relive Botched's Wildest Transformations and Cases From 2020

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Botched is no stranger to interesting patients, wild consultations and more.

However, in 2020, the popular plastic surgery show topped itself. In fact, ahead of season six's part two debut, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif said the new episodes were packed with "stories that you think would never happen."

"We decided this season to take on those patients that normally we would pass on, that weren't considered fixable," Dr. Dubrow explained on Daily Pop in April 2020. "But because we've been doing this for so long, we have sort of special operations and special skills for these incredibly difficult cases."

As Dr. Dubrow detailed to E!'s Justin Sylvester, this season's "operations are not in the textbooks." Apparently, he's even asked previous patients, "Are you willing to be botched and then un-botched by us?"

And, boy, did the 2020 episodes deliver. This year, Botched viewers were introduced to a "three-boobed" patient, a Dolly Parton look-alike with leaking breasts, a hopeful motorcycle crash victim and so much more.

Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Bromance

Thankfully, new fascinating cases will be presented when Botched returns in 2021.

For a closer look at Botched's most interesting moments in 2020, scroll through the images below.


Now, the moment you've been waiting for, the wildest Botched moments of 2020:

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Human Ken Doll's 900+ Surgeries

Justin Jedlica, who appeared on the very first episode of Botched back in 2014, returned to Botched for a special Where Are They Now episode. Best known as the Human Ken Doll, Justin first met with the doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif in order to receive a plastic surgery plan he came up with himself.

At that point, Justin had already received hundreds of cosmetic procedures. He's since undergone "about 950 cosmetic procedures."

Justin told the docs, "I'm easily on my way to 1,000 within the year. So that's definitely a goal of mine."

Jessica's "Butchered Boobs" Leave Dr. Dubrow Speechless

A number of disastrous plastic surgery procedures left patient Jessica with "butchered boobs."

Per the Botched patient, following substantial weight loss, she received a tummy tuck and a breast lift to fix her "saggy skin." Unhappy with the initial results, Jessica went to Tijuana and received additional surgeries, including another breast augmentation, a second tummy tuck and liposuction.

Jessica went on to regret the trip as, while in recovery, she found herself covered with surgical tape. Jessica's sister recalled, "It looked like just the skin coming off with the tape."

The patient was left "with scars everywhere."

Upon hearing this, Dr. Dubrow said he was "speechless."

The Botched doc was even more shocked when he learned that Jessica received a third round of surgery in Tijuana.

Dr. Dubrow Invents a Surgical Technique

Following significant weight loss, Annie hoped plastic surgery could fix her breasts and eliminate excess skin. Three surgeries later, Annie was left with botched boobs and a massive scar wrapping around her body.

Due to Annie's weight loss, the internal architecture of her breast tissue and skin changed. According to Dr. Dubrow, surgery would require a plan that's "unique and original."

"The hardest thing I'm gonna do with Annie today is try to reestablish the inframammary crease," the famed surgeon expressed. "If I can't do that than she's not gonna get rid of that melted wax appearance. I'm gonna use techniques that I've invented."

Even though this was a high-risk case, Dr. Dubrow and his team were able to give Annie breasts she could be proud of.

Haley's Leaking Breasts

Aspiring Dolly Parton look-alike Haley had one wild story on Botched.

As Haley detailed it, after upgrading to 1,200 CC implants, she required emergency surgery after on of her implants started emerging from the incision. Initially, the surgeon wanted to remove both of her implants, but Haley convinced her doctor to just replace the contaminated one.

Following this procedure, Haley woke up to liquid coming out of one of her incisions.

"Liquid coming out of an incision in the breast area, it almost always means that there's a leak from a seroma, which is inflammatory fluid, and the wound is falling apart," Dr. Dubrow reacted in a confessional. "A total disaster."

Once more, Haley had the implant replaced rather than removed, which could've resulted in an "untreatable breast infection."

"Are you kidding me?" Dr. Dubrow sounded off. "O-M-F-F-F-G! That is just insane. Wow, you're lucky to be alive."

Melissa's Nose Died

A total nose nightmare.

New patient Melissa lost half of her nose from a simple filler injection. In 2017, Melissa chose to get a non-surgical rhinoplasty in order to fix the bridge of her nose. 24 hours after her procedure, Melissa went to the E.R. due to pain and the formation of little bumps around her new nose.

Apparently, per Melissa, "some of the filler had blocked blood flow."

"I slowly watched my nose die," she remarked while describing the necrosis.

Thankfully, Dr. Nassif had a game plan to fix Melissa's nose.

"Week by week, it's getting smoother. The swelling is going down," Melissa said following her operation. "I know it's still a little bit uneven but I completely understand that it's gonna take a lot of time."

Hope Lost Her Face in Motorcycle Accident

This year, Botched fans were introduced to Hope's heartbreaking case.

As the new patient detailed to the doctors, she previously underwent seven surgeries to repair her face that was brutally damaged in a motorcycle accident. Hope recalled, "My leg was trapped so my upper body came over and I face-planted the I-beam behind the guard rail."

This resulted in surgery after surgery for Hope, who relied on a feeding tube for an entire year. 

Hope hoped that the Botched doctors could even out her eyes and fix her nose to help her breathing.

Sheyla's 32 Breast Surgeries

Ready for a reduction.

New patient Sheyla turned to doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for help with her plastic surgery habit. Namely, after getting her first procedure at 21, the Brazilian-born New Jersey resident found herself going "under the knife every 6 months." Apparently, Sheyla underwent "32 plastic surgeries" in her breasts.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Sheyla developed "chronic back pain." Thus, it was time to part ways with the "unnecessary weight."

At first, Sheyla didn't love her new 500 CC implants. Eventually, after much-needed rest and healing, Sheyla embraced her new breasts.

Car Crash Victim Left Bleeding in the E.R. With Glass in Her Face

This case shocked even doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

As new patient Brontee presented her case, she revealed the horrible emergency room care she received after being hit by a drunk driver. On the accident, Brontee recalled, "The windows smashed and my face took the impact of the glass."

Once in the emergency room, Brontee said she was left bleeding with glass in her face for hours. Brontee went on to claim that none of the E.R. physicians attempted to remove the glass pieces. Apparently, they just "wrapped it up" and tried to "control the bleeding."

"Brontee had many problems relating to waiting all night for a doctor to come in. One, she was bleeding all night. That could've stopped if the doctor closed it," Dr. Nassif told the Botched camera after hearing this case. "Two, the risk of infection goes up. Three, there's a possibility that it could increase scar formation if you wait too long."

Esmeralda's Breasts Smelled Like "Dying Flesh"

According to Dr. Dubrow, new patient Esmeralda had "the worst complication from a breast reduction" that he'd ever seen.

At 18, Esmeralda received a breast reduction to help ease back pain caused by her DDD breasts. Not long after surgery, Esmeralda began to smell something through her shirt.

"What was it? Like, a putrid odor?" Dr. Dubrow asked. "Like, dying flesh?"

The answer: Yes.

Three-Boobed Patient

A breast deformity unlike any other.

Sandra's case was a first for the Botched doctors as a bad boob job left her looking like a "three-boobed lady." According to Sandra, she underwent a routine breast augmentation but woke up to an error made by her surgeon.

Although the surgeon attempted to fix his mistake, it only made her situation worse. 

"Sandra, I've gotta tell you, we have this expression in breast revisional surgery called malposition," Dr. Dubrow told her. "It means that the breast implant is not in the right place. You have the most dramatic example of malposition I've ever seen in my entire career."

Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was able to right this medical wrong, leaving Sandra feeling "sexy and secure."

Real World Alum Flora Has a Uniboob

Flora Alekseyeun's return to reality TV.

The former Real World star turned to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif  "a very complicated breast problem." As Dr. Nassif explained, Flora suffered from Symmastia, which is also known as "uniboob."

During surgery, Dr. Dubrow found something particularly shocking. Flora's previous surgeon used hernia mesh on Flora, which likely caused the Symmastia.

Thankfully, amid the post-op checkup, Dr. Dubrow found Flora's breasts to be Symmastia-free.

"Before my surgery, I had a uniboob situation that was not sexy at all," Flora concluded. "But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have two separate breasts."

Patient's Implant Fell Out of Her Breast

A nightmare experience.

Due to "a lot of pressure" on her chest and "back pain," Judy chose to downsize her previous implants. Thus, Judy went to the Dominican Republic for surgery and faced "a terrible experience." Following surgery, Judy felt "so sick" and had emerging "wounds on [her] incisions."

Upon returning to the states, Judy consulted with a specialist—where her right implant "fell out" of her chest and landed in the hand of a physician's assistant.

Patient's Cheek Grew Pubic Hair

What happened here?

Dog bite victim Crystal found herself with "groin" tissue on her face after a reconstructive surgery. This medical misstep resulted with Crystal having "literal pubic hair" growing out of her cheek.

"It's interesting why they chose it from the groin," Dr. Dubrow noted. "Because there's so many places [from which to extract tissue]. They could've done the back, the abdomen…you obviously wouldn't do the armpit."

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