Dr. Terry Dubrow Invents a Surgical Technique to Save a Botched Patient's Breasts

By Alyssa Ray Sep 01, 2020 2:00 AMTags
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Annie just wanted a healthier and happier life.

On Monday, Aug. 31's episode of Botched, new patient Annie turned to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif after three breast surgeries left her with melting mounds. As the California resident detailed to the Botched camera, after being diagnosed with diabetes at 34, she made the decision to undergo a gastric bypass surgery.

Thanks to the procedure, Annie was able to lose 100 pounds within six months. Unfortunately, the rapid weight loss resulted in Annie's breasts essentially vanishing. Thus, Annie underwent breast surgery, but was left with disastrous results.

Per the new patient, she went on to have two other unsuccessful surgeries.

"It's been so long trying to make it so that I'm healthier and happier with my body," a tearful Annie lamented in a confessional. "And, as every step I take forward, I seem like I get thrown back 10 more."

As she continued, Annie revealed that she was ready to be done with surgery after one last boob job.

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"I want the fact that I lost all this weight to be something I can celebrate and not the reason why I keep having to have surgeries," she relayed. "I just want it to be done."

During her consultation with the Botched doctors, Annie presented the specifics of her case.

"In 2010, I had my first lift and augmentation," Annie explained. "He added small implants to fill the top out. Immediately after that surgery, you could tell that he used two different sized implants—and I had the extra skin and tissue on the bottom."

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Three months later, the same surgeon promised to adjust the implants and address Annie's excess skin. Sadly, Annie woke up to her breasts worse off than before and a massive scar wrapping around her whole body.

To make matters worse, the plastic surgeon gave Annie an areola reduction after she specifically asked for them to be left alone.

Disappointed with the results, Annie turned to another surgeon, who also left her with breast tissue on the side.

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"Two surgeons have not been able to fix Annie's problems," Dr. Dubrow shared with the Botched camera. "So, that really highlights the underlying complexity of her anatomy that could potentially be completely unfixable."

In the exam room, Dr. Dubrow took a closer look at Annie's situation and realized the difficulty of her case. Due to Annie's weight loss, the internal architecture of her breast tissue and skin changed.

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According to Dr. Dubrow, surgery would require a plan that's "unique and original."

While Dr. Dubrow warned that the outcome may not be exactly what Annie wanted, he promised to remove skin, fix her areolas and create definition under her breasts.

"The hardest thing I'm gonna do with Annie today is try to reestablish the inframammary crease," the famed surgeon expressed. "If I can't do that than she's not gonna get rid of that melted wax appearance. I'm gonna use techniques that I've invented."


Even though this was a high-risk case, Dr. Dubrow and his team were able to give Annie breasts she could be proud of.

"This means the world to me," a tearful Annie stated later on. "I actually look like I'm the size I'm supposed to be. And, knowing that Dr. Dubrow followed through with his promise, it's life changing."

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