Motorcycle Accident Victim Recalls Wrecking Her Face in Heartbreaking Botched Preview

By Allison Crist Aug 10, 2020 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Horrific Motorcycle Accident Wrecks Woman's Face

Physical and emotional damage.

Tonight's all-new Botched looks as though it's going to be an heartbreaking one.

In this sneak peek, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are introduced to Hope, who's undergone seven surgeries to repair her face that was brutally damaged in a motorcycle accident.

"My leg was trapped so my upper body came over and I face-planted the I-beam behind the guard rail," Hope recalls. 

Making the situation even more sad is that one of Hope's daughters—who, along with another, are accompanying their mom to her consultation—witnessed the wreck firsthand at just 10 years old. Luckily, she was unharmed.

What's also lucky? Hope's accident took place in front of a paramedic's house.

"So he came running over," her daughter says after explaining that he was prompted by her loud screams. "And he had her all ready before [the] ambulance even got there."

Dr. Dubrow notes that for Hope, "the unluckiest day in her life was also, weirdly, one of the luckiest."

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Still, Hope had to endure surgery after surgery, and relied on a feeding tube for an entire year. 

But even now, she's still not where she wants to be. 

"I don't have two of the same eye," Hope tells Dr. Dubrow when he asks what issues she wants to fix the most. 

She continues, "They did do a nose surgery. Just the scar tissue on the right side is just...[there's] a lot of scar tissue in there. Like, if I had to rely on it to breathe, I'd suffocate." 

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The mom and daughters continue to describe how traumatic the experience was for all of them, with the oldest even revealing that she hardly remembers the aftermath as she's since repressed that period of her life. 

"I feel like what happened to me is nothing what happened to them emotionally," Hope says while tearing up. "I feel like they're always gonna carry that."

Tune in to tonight's all new Botched to see what Drs. Dubrow and Nassif can do to help Hope's situation.