Botched Patient's Cheek Grows ''Literal Pubic Hair'' After Unusual Skin Graft

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 06, 2020 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Dog Bite Victim Has "Pubic Hair" Growing on Her Face

What in plastic surgery's name went wrong here?

In this perplexing clip from tonight's Botched episode, dog bite victim and exquisitely chill new mom Crystal explains how nether region hair follicles wound up attached to her right cheek. As the potential patient tells Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, the medical misstep began with an overactive pit bull who attacked her at nine years old. 

Per the ER physician's recommendation, Crystal waited for the wound to heal (sort of—she says the "open" laceration's appearance resembled "Freddy Krueger's face") before undergoing reconstructive surgery. The surgeon suggested using "groin" tissue to replace the missing flesh, a decision that sounds suspect to the layperson and puzzles the Botched doctors all the same.

Long Overdue Botched Procedures

"It's interesting why they chose it from the groin," notes Dubrow. "Because there's so many places [from which to extract tissue]. They could've done the back, the abdomen…you obviously wouldn't do the armpit." 

Crystal doesn't remember her previous doctor warning about unusual post-op hair growth. And yet, "the hair started growing" soon after the procedure, she recalls.

"So, you're getting pubic hair on your face," states Dr. Nassif, to which Crystal confirms, "Yes. Literal pubic hair."

Perhaps even more unsettling than the scenario itself are Dubrow's concerns about fixing it. Hear his major takeaways after sitting down with Crystal in the full clip above!

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