Human Ken Doll Is Back! Hear All About His 900+ Cosmetic Surgeries in Botched Sneak Peek

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The return of the Human Ken Doll.

Justin Jedlica, who appeared on the very first episode of Botched when it premiered in 2014, is back on tonight's all-new special, Botched: Where Are They Now!

As fans of the E! show may recall, Justin initially sought out Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif in hopes that they'd operate on him using a plastic surgery plan he came up with himself. At that point in his life, he had already undergone several hundred cosmetic procedures—from five nose jobs to implants in his chest, butt, biceps, triceps, cheeks and chin—but he was still far from his goal of ultimate perfection.

Over the years, Justin's continued to receive surgery after surgery, even reuniting with the Botched docs in 2015 for a life-threatening procedure. However, nobody could've predicted just how far he'd be willing to go.

As Justin tells Drs. Dubrow and Nassif in this sneak peek clip, "The last time, I couldn't even remember how many procedures I had. Something probably in the 400 to 500 realm." 

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Justin continues, "Today, I've had about 950 cosmetic procedures and I'm easily on my way to 1,000 within the year. So that's definitely a goal of mine."

Yes, you read that right: nearly 1,000 cosmetic procedures!

He explains that he's gone under the knife for a wide variety of surgeries, including both buttock lipo and injections, matching face lifts with his mother and full torso recontouring "but all with injectables."  

"So 50 kits of Kybella and then I did 60 ccs of Restylane into the abdominal muscles to try to push them out," Justin says when Dr. Dubrow asks about the type of injectables. "And the Kybella to obviously etch a little bit because nobody would do lipo etching on me because they said there wasn't enough fat."

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If you think that's wild, wait until you hear what else Justin has had done!

"I did microneedling on my face which isn't that big of a deal, but I ended up doing microneedling on my penis. And scrotox!" he adds, with the latter being exactly what it sounds like: Botox injections into the scrotum.

Microneedling, on the other hand, "improves the overall tone [and] texture," Justin says. "My thought process was that if you microneedle things, you get, like, a bunch of collagen that kind of storms to that area, and potentially you could get some kind of girth enhancement."

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Unfortunately, as Justin goes onto reveal, the microneedling ended up backfiring.

"I just had tons of, like, little abrasions all through the penis and the gland," he adds, noting that he's always "playing around" with different methods. "I had silicone in my penis years ago."

Dr. Dubrow's response puts it nicely: "Wow, that's a lot of penis plastic surgery there!"

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Tyliyah's ear piercing produced a skin keloid that she had removed five times, but every time it grew back more bumpy and bulbous. Paul removed the keloid tissue before injesting her ear with a tumor therapy to prevent it from growing back.

Breast Wishes

A botched breast augmentation left Rebecca with one high boob and one low boob. Terry removed her misplaced implants and inserted new ones before lifting the sagging breast.

Cocaine Collapse

After over a decade of cocaine use, Demi's nose collapsed, leaving her with a flat face. Paul removed remaining scar tissue before inplanting harvested rib bone to rebuild her bridge, then used crtilage grafts to build out the sides of her nose and open up her closed nostrils.

Soup Bowl Pecs

After being obese his whole life, Bruce lots a ton of weight, leaving him with saggy skin. But weight loss surgery gone wrong left him with a sunken chest. Terry removed extra skin before implanting tissue to rebuild Bruse's pacs, giving him a more muscular chest.

Nose Woes

Lori was born with a rare autoimmune disease that eventually at away at the cartilage in her nose, leaving it looking sunken, flat and deformed. To fix it, Paul inserted a harvested cartilage graft to build out the bridge before widening the nostril holes and lengthening the tip.

Brick Breasts

Wanting bigger boobs, Cherish sought out a breast augmentation that left her with "brick-looking, saggy breasts." During her consultation with the docs, Terry pointed out the implants dissociated from the breast muscle.

After removing her misplaced implants, Terry restitched her muscles then added new, smaller implants before lifting the dropping skin and repositioning her nipples.


A botched facelift left Jo Anna with scars and pigment discoloration along her jowls and neck. Paul cut out as much of the scarred skin as possible before using medical tattoos to cover as much of the discolored skin at possible.

No Nipp and No Tuck

After having three kids, Mary desperately wanted a mommy makeover. But her Mexican breast lift and tummy immediately got infected, leaving her scarred and without nipples or breast tissue. Terry gave her a proper breast life and implants before removing the scarred tissue on her stomach and tightening her tummy. Plus, now Mary has nipples thanks to permanent skin tattoos.

Picasso Nose

As a teen, Zaverie broke his nose playing basketball leaving him with a nose so crooked it looked like something out of a Picasso painting. Two rhinoplasties later and the Toronto native's nose looked even worse. 

Paul removed the crooked septal crest and implanted a new bridge harvested from rib bone, giving Zaverie a straight nose once again.

Rocky Mountain Abs

Sandra underwent five surgeries before the age of two after she was born with Omphalocele, a birth defect where a person's intestines or internal organs are on the outside of her body. The life-saving procedures left her with intense scarring on her stomach that filled her with shame.

Terry cut out much of the scars and scar tissue, leaving Sandra with a tighter, smoother belly. The doctor even created a belly button for her.

Swinging Schnoz

Three botched nose job left Renee with a crooked nose bridge that moved around under the skin. Paul replaced the old bridge with a new rib bone craft to straighten out her nose and fix the looseness.

BBL Hell

Destiny contracted a deadly flesh-eating infection after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift that ate the tissue of her left cheek. Terry moved tissue from her lower back down into her buttock to correct her lop-sided backside, leaving her with a more symmetrical rear end.

Doggone Nose

Carolina lost the tip of her dog from a terrible dog bite. After over a dozen failed surgeries to try to repair it, Paul restored the tip of Carolina's nose to give her a more natural appearance.

Butt Foot

After steeping on a nail as a child, Lita was left with a mass on the bottom of her left foot that caused her pain and discomfort. Terry removed the skin graft and smoothed out the skin on the bottom of her foot where the growth once was.

Turned Up Tip

Mellissa was bullied her entire life for being born with what others called a "pig nose." At 14, she attempted to fix her turned-up tip, but the procedure only made things worse.

Paul was able to give Mellissa the tip she's always dreamed up.

Vagina Island

Mikeal's botched tummy tuck left her with a flesh-eating bacterial infection than nearly killed her. The damaged skin left her stomach deformed with a crater from her pubic area to her mid-abdomen.

Terry repaired the massive, unsightly scarring by covering it up with the healthy skin still on Mikeal's tummy—and it was a complete success. Miraculously, Terry was able to replace 100 percent of the scarring, leaving Mikeal with a normal-looking torso.

Tummy Terror

After having a child, Bianca went for a tummy tuck that turned her abdomen into a terrifying sight. The Botched docs were able to fix Bianca's scarred tummy, giving her back the confidence she lost.

New Nose, New Career

Prior to meeting the Botched docs, Claudia's "biggest regret" was letting her nose get in the way of her dream of being a telenovela star. Now, she's free to pursue the career she's always wanted!

A Single Surgery Gone Wrong

Dr. Terry Dubrow dubbed this Botched patient's situation a "WTF case" before returning her breasts to their original shape and size.

A Rockstar's Return to Glory

Musician David underwent three(!) different surgeries only to be left with a disfigured eye. It took a risky procedure to fix, but the Botched docs worked their magic just like they always do.

A Messy Mommy Makeover

Tatyana was swindled into receiving a full-blown mommy makeover that nearly ended her life when she was just 20 years old. Thankfully, the Botched docs were able to fix the near-fatal mistakes and restore Tatyana's confidence in the process.

Dream Come True

Flesh-eating bacteria "destroyed" Edna's nose as a young child, and her dad was so determined to get her the proper help that he relocated their entire family to the U.S. Now that Dr. Nassif and Dubrow have worked their magic, "I can live free for the first time in my life," Edna said.

"Janky Boobs" Be Gone

Piper had a frightening experience with ketamine while undergoing her first breast augmentation, resulting in what she called "janky boobs." However, the Botched docs were able to fix everything.

Four Nose Jobs Later...

Cadine underwent three (!) surgeries in an attempt to get the nose she wanted, but since the doctor who performed them may have not even had a medical license, the procedures only made things worse. Thankfully, Drs. Nassif and Dubrow were able to not only correct the issues from the previous surgeries, but deliver the nose of Cadine's dreams.

Float Trip Fail

A freak accident during a float trip almost cost patient Kaitlyn her leg. While she was lucky enough to get her injured knee treated at the time, it turned out to be a short-term fix—that was, until the Botched docs stepped in and saved the day. Now, she's living pain-free.

Bye Bye Ballsack Foot

Upon meeting the Botched docs, Destiny joked that she had a "ball sack" on her foot. In reality, the growth was the result of a rare affliction—so rare that she became the subject of a medical journal report when she was just 13 months old—known as a lipoblastoma. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was able to greatly reduce the size.

A Complicated Commissuroplasty

All Patia wanted was to get her "life" and "identity" back after a surgeon accidentally made her mouth opening smaller. Much to her delight, the Botched docs were able to help.

Beast of Burden

Jazmyn felt self-conscience about a "beast" birth mark running from the back of her ear down her neck. From itching to sweating, the birth mark was a major inconvenience for Jazmyn—and also a possible health risk if it kept growing, according to Dr. Dubrow. With the help of Dr. Nassif's ingenious tissue expander idea, Jazmyn was rid of her birth mark once and for all.

Past Life Complaints

Aia received calf implants 17 years ago after having a break-through "past life immersion" experience. Admittedly "obsessed" with how her legs looked, Aia realized that she was suffering from a "sub-conscious memory" from her past. "In my past life, I was a German soldier," Aia explained. "I was on the battlefield and something blew up next to my legs."

Yet, after getting her implants, she was faced with some present life problems. "All I wanted was bigger calves, and now I have deformed purple legs," she complained. "They look like they came from another human being." She taped down her legs to compress them, and also revealed that her right leg felt like it was on fire. Dr. Dubrow realized that Aia's implant was "bent on itself" and harming her nerves. Both implants were removed, and Aia could see her natural legs once again.

A "Giant" Chin

Yazmin was fed up with her "lumpy and bumpy" chin which she called her "giant." At age 14, Yazmin had surgery that took fat from her stomach to reconstruct her chin following an accident. Yet, Yazmin remained self-conscious of the bottom half of her face for years. Dr. Nassif tightened the skin around her chin to smooth the contours and also lifted up the tissue to fix Yazmin's slightly droopy mouth. It was yet another success story for the doc!


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