Jason Derulo Was “Bulging” Out Of His Lycra Cats Suit, Of Course

Jason Derulo confessed to E! News that he was "bulging" out of his Lycra suit while filming Cats. Watch him recall shooting in the catsuit here.

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Watch: Jason Derulo Was "Bulging" in Lycra Suits for "Cats"

Mm...whatcha say now?

Jason Derulo has been making waves on social media for putting his bulge on full-display—and now the singer revealed that he had a hard time keeping everything contained on the set of Cats. For the feline musical film, Derulo and the star-studded cast wore Lycra catsuits to transform into their cat counterparts on-screen, which he told E! News resulted in a lot of "bulging" out moments.

"It was interesting ‘cause we had to wear these—they were like spandex, you know?" he said exclusively. "So, it was, like, very tight, you know? So, it was bulging everywhere. Bulges everywhere and balls everywhere and everything you could possibly imagine."

"So, we were naked in front of each other, so we got very close," he continued. "And you had to be pretty confident in yourself, you know what I'm saying, to come out every single day, and you know, for months and months to see each other—all of each other."

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Fans of the "Swalla" singer know that he's pretty confident with his, um, package. Back in November, he nearly broke the Internet when he shared a picture of himself donning just a pair of black underwear. Since sending fans everywhere into a frenzy with his "anaconda," as he called it, the photo has been taken down by Instagram for violating its community guidelines on nudity and sexual activity.

Upset by the social media app's censorship decision, Derulo posted a screenshot of the notice he had received and said, "Fuk u mean? I have underwear on... I can't help my size.."

He also addressed the picture's removal on his Instagram Story, where he said, "Hey, listen, all these girls showing their a*$ and all kinds of crazy s*%t and I have underwear on in Bali and they took my pic down. It's discrimination. Like, I understand, I can't help my size, but you can't take down my pic."

Speaking with TMZ after his picture went viral, Derulo made a jaw-dropping confession: "I might have had a semi. An arousal looks different...when it's fully aroused, it's a different beast."

Putting everything out there isn't the only way that the cast, which features Dame Judi DenchTaylor Swift and more, bonded. According to Derulo, there were more on-set moments that helped break the ice.

"I mean, there's moments where I, you know, it was just sniffing people's butts and, you know, it's like, I mean, cuddling up to Judi," he recalled. "I mean, it's like, it's really close—like, you're really, really close! It's really a vulnerable place. You don't really think about it when you're in the moment, but, like, now looking back, it's like, ‘That was madness! Like, it was crazy! It was really, really crazy. We really went there."

But before the stars got suited up, they had to graduate Cats school, where they mastered the art of being a cat. "Cats school is—and actually, was—an experience," Derulo explained. "You know, it's like one of those things that will just be in that moment in time and you'll never have it again, you know? So, I'm kinda sad we didn't get a diploma…But, it was a lot of fun getting to embody a cat alongside everybody in our regular clothes."

Committed to his craft, the "Talk Dirty" singer admitted that he spent a lot of time in front of the mirror to get all the moves down. "Using all those things that we learned and kind of taking it to myself, you know doing a lot of homework, feeling myself a lot of times in the mirror…and yeah, I feel like I was really able to dive into that dimension."