You Need to See Josh Gad's Impression of Frozen Co-Star Idina Menzel

Josh Gad showed off his impression of his Frozen co-star Idina Menzel during Tuesday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, and it slayed. Watch the full hilarious clip below!

By kelli boyle Nov 20, 2019 12:07 PMTags

No one is as big of an Idina Menzel fan as Josh Gad.

During an appearance on Tuesday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Frozen 2 actor absolutely slayed host James Corden with his impression of his co-star. Gad, who is a Broadway alum just like Menzel, revealed to the host that he's been in love with the voice of Elsa long before every kid in America was. As he quipped, "I've been obsessed with her."

That's when the Beauty and the Beast alum's impression of the Tony winner came in. "I saw Idina when I was in high school in Rent," he divulged, about to put on his best Maureen voice. "And she came out on that stage and she sang, 'Only thing to do is jump over the moon,' and I was like, 'I'm in love with this Jew from Long Island.'"

The impression, hilariously enough, sounded nothing like the actress, but Gad continued mimicking her, much to Corden and the audience's delight.

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"And then, I saw her again, like, one of the first weeks that she was in Wicked," Gad shared, adopting the impression once more. "And she did, 'Defying gravity!'"

Teasing the actor, Corden quipped, "I will say, the impressions are uncanny. If I shut my eyes..."

Then came the part of the interview where Gad made Corden lose it. Knowing how much it would crack up the Cats star, the 38-year-old became Menzel once more. "Close your eyes, close your eyes," he prompted. "I'm Idina Menzel!"

Gad continued to ramble off impressions until Corden was crying laughing and fellow guest Anna Camp quipped, "I'm so turned on right now."

Eventually, the host trolled Gad for the impression. As he said through laughing tears, "So bad!"

But the star would hear no critiques! Pretending to be Menzel once more, he said, "You'll let it go. Just let it go!"

Now, let yourself go and watch the entire clip to see Corden troll Gad for making Menzel sound English.