Watch Taylor Swift Shake It Off in New Cats Trailer

Taylor Swift is set to star in the upcoming Cats movie. See the just-released trailer here!

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Attention, Swifties: We have a new Cats trailer

Taylor Swift and the rest of the star-studded cast—including Jennifer HudsonIdris Elba, James Corden, Jason Derulo and more—are suited up in their furry best in the film's latest trailer, which debuted on Monday. Swift, who plays Bombalurina in the highly-anticipated flick based on the beloved Broadway play, can be seen dancing on a stage for her fellow cats. And from the looks of it, her performance is going to be epic. 

Unlike the film's first trailer, this one really dives into the story's plot. Beginning with Dame Judi Dench's Old Deuteronomy announcing that she'll be choosing one lucky member of the tribe to ascend to the Heaviside Layer and be reborn a new cat, viewers watch has each character makes their case to win the prize of a lifetime. "I judge a cat by its soul," Dench says as the others imagine what their new lives would be like if they're chosen. But alas, not every cat has the best intentions. 

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After watching Swift shake it off in the new trailer, her adoring Swifties took to social media to congratulate the "Lover" singer

"Can't wait to see Taylor Swift this Christmas at the big screen," one fan tweeted, while another Swiftie mentioned that the trailer "gave me goosebumps when I seen her name." Seizing the opportunity to use a cat-inspired pun, another said that they think the film will be "CAT-tastic." 

Prior to the film's second trailer release, Swift treated Cats fans with the opportunity to hear her original song "Beautiful Ghosts," which she wrote alongside Andrew Lloyd Webber for the movie. Back in October, she took to Instagram to announce the song and that it will actually be performed by the character of Victoria, portrayed by Francesca Hayward, in the film. 

"I was so excited when @andrewlloydwebber asked me to write an original song with him for @catsmovie," she wrote. "'Beautiful Ghosts' is performed in the film by the extraordinary @frankiegoestohayward who plays 'Victoria' and reprised by Dame Judi Dench (!!!!!) who plays 'Old Deuteronomy.'"

She also opened up about the songwriting process in a short featurette for the film. "There was an ambition and an aspiration to have an original song in the movie," she told the cameras. "Just very much this understanding of 'let's write the best song we can.'"

We can't wait to see it on the big screen!

Cats is set for release on Dec. 20.