Law And Order: Special Victims Unit


How Mariska Hargitay Wants Olivia Benson's Law & Order: SVU Story to End

After nearly 25 years of playing Captain Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, Mariska Hargitay revealed she has the perfect ending in mind for her iconic character on the NBC series.

September 20, 2022

Mariska Hargitay's Hair Evolution on Law & Order: SVU

In honor of Law & Order: SVU's season 24 premiere, we're looking back at Mariska Hargitay's (a.k.a. Olivia Benson's) ever-changing hair throughout the iconic NBC drama's run.

September 17, 2022

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni Set Hearts Racing With Near-Kiss on Emmys Stage

Law & Order's Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni had viewers fanning themselves with their near-kiss as they presented a 2022 Emmy award.

September 13, 2022

Former Law & Order: SVU Showrunner Warren Leight Reacts to Kelli Giddish's Surprise Exit

Former Law & Order: SVU showrunner Warren Leight weighed in on Kelli Giddish's announcement that she's leaving the series after 12 seasons.

August 26, 2022

Law and Order: SVU Showrunner Says Kelli Giddish’s Exit Is “More Complex” Than Fans Realize

Law and Order: SVU showrunner David Graziano responds to angry fans who blame him and Dick Wolf for Kelli Giddish's departure.

August 25, 2022

Law & Order: SVU's Kelli Giddish Is Turning in Her Badge After 12 Seasons as Rollins

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is losing a beloved detective. Get all the details on Kelli Giddish's departure from the long-running NBC series.

August 24, 2022

All 3 Law & Order Shows Unite in Giant Crossover Event

Dick Wolf's Law & Order, Organized Crime and SVU will combine as part of a three-hour crossover event this September.

August 24, 2022

NYPD That Inspired Law & Order: SVU Under Investigation For Mistreating Survivors

The Justice Department announced prosecutors will investigate the NYPD, which inspired Law & Order: SVU, following allegations that sexual assault survivors were mistreated.

July 1, 2022


Could a Law & Order: SVU Newcomer End Up With Stabler's Daughter? Octavio Pisano Says...

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Octavio Pisano weighed in on the theory about his character Joe Velasco having his eyes set on a special Stabler.

May 12, 2022


Law & Order: SVU’s Octavio Pisano Spills on End-of-Season Surprises

Octavio Pisano may be the latest addition to SVU’s elite squad, but his newbie status hasn’t stopped him from being in on the action as the historic 23rd season wraps.

May 6, 2022


What to Expect From Dann Florek's Law & Order: Organized Crime Appearance

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Captain Cragen himself discussed appearing on Organized Crime, his favorite set memories with Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni and more.

April 7, 2022

Mariska Hargitay Had This to Say About "Sexy" Law and Order Scene With Christopher Meloni

Fans have long shipped Benson and Stabler, and apparently, Mariska Hargitay is just naturally seductive when acting opposite Christopher Meloni. Hear what they had to say!

March 29, 2022

Demore Barnes Is Returning to Law and Order: SVU After Surprise Exit

Demore Barnes is set to reprise his role as Christian Garland in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. Learn about his appearance here!

March 22, 2022

Find Out Which Law & Order: SVU Fan Favorite is Headed To Organized Crime

Stabler is getting a visit from an old friend on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Find out which former SVU cast member he's reuniting with.

March 11, 2022

Mare of Easttown Actor Ned Eisenberg Dead at 65 After Cancer Battle

Ned Eisenberg passed away at the age of 65 on Sunday, Feb. 27 after privately battling cancer for the past two years, his spokesperson told E! News.

March 1, 2022


Meet Ainsley Seiger, Law & Order: Organized Crime's Rising Star

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Law & Order Organized Crime star Ainsley Seiger spilled all the details about working with Chris Meloni, Easter eggs you may've missed and more.

February 24, 2022


Will Stabler & Benson Kiss? See Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Gush Over Their "Magical Chemistry"

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni revealed the secret to their Law & Order: SVU characters' chemistry and teased a potential kiss to come. Watch the sweet E! News interviews below.

February 24, 2022

22 Pop Culture Valentine’s Day Cards That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

From Star Wars fanatics to Drake super fans to die-hard Law & Order viewers, we found pop culture Valentine's Day cards for all fandoms.

January 27, 2022

From Sex/Life to Succession, Here's an Ode to 2021's Most Thrilling Moments of TV

Much like its predecessor 2020, 2021 was a year so stressful it required major distraction—in the form of even-tenser-than-real-life TV! Check out the TV moments that truly delivered this year.

December 29, 2021


Why Dylan McDermott Thinks Fans "Can't Handle" a Law & Order: Organized Crime Spin-Off

Mob boss Richard Wheatley as the star of Law & Dis-Order? Dylan McDermott dished on possible spin-offs for his charismatic Organized Crime character. Watch now!

December 10, 2021


Why Dylan McDermott Immediately "Clicked" With Law & Order: SVU Co-Star Raúl Esparza

In the mega-crossover event of the season, Dylan McDermott's Richard Wheatley hires a surprising familiar face to SVU fans: former ADA Barba, played by Raúl Esparza. Hear the BTS details!

December 10, 2021

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni Are Here To Make You Very Jealous of Their Friendship

Obsessed with Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni? Well, just wait until you read what the Law & Order: SVU stars said about their bond, which takes friendship goals to a whole new level.

November 9, 2021