New Details About Kim Cattrall’s And Just Like That Scene Revealed

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell offered additional info about Kim Cattrall's upcoming And Just Like That scene.

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Looks like Kim Cattrall is hailing a taxi right back to Sex and the City

New details about the actress's cameo in the spin-off series And Just Like That... have emerged, after Kim confirmed in May she is reprising her role of Samantha in season two.

Sources previously told Variety that Kim would appear in just one scene, and now Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has revealed that Samantha's big moment takes place during a car ride.

"Her character represented a lot of freedom and permission for women," Candace told Variety in an article published June 6. "And I think the fans are super excited about her coming back, even if it's just one cameo in the car."

What else is there to know about the powerhouse publicist's shocking return? "I think it's gonna be really good from the clips that I've seen," she added. "I'm excited."

We Ranked All the Sex and the City Relationships

Kim's surprise cameo comes after the actress had seemingly refused to play Samantha on the small screen amid her rumored feud with her cast mates. 

"I didn't want to compromise what the show was to me," she told Variety in May 2022. "The way forward seemed clear."

Her new scene she filmed without any cast interactions, sources told Variety. That means no Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon or Kristin Davis.

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But while Kim hasn't physically appeared on And Just Like That... as of yet, she's still remained part of the show's narrative, referenced in a mention here and a text message there. The actress herself has mixed feelings about that narrative decision.

"It's odd, isn't it?" she told Variety.  "I don't know how to feel about it."

Here are more details about And Just Like That... season two:

Samantha's Back!

Kim Cattrall—who starred on all six seasons of Sex and the City and its two spin-off movies, but did not reprise her role for the first season of And Just Like That...—will make an appearance on the revival's second season, a rep for Max (formerly HBO Max) confirmed to New York Post on May 31.

A Rekindled Romance?

If you just couldn't help but wonder what's going on with Carrie and Aidan, this February 2022 photo of Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett acting out a scene for season two might give you an idea.

The Return of Aidan

In August 2022, Deadline reported that John Corbett—who played Carrie's boyfriend Aidan on seasons three and four of Sex and the Citywould be returning for "a substantial, multi-episode arc" on season two. In January, Max officially confirmed Corbett's season two casting with first look photos.


Tony Danza Is Che Diaz's Dad...Kinda

Corbett won't be the only fresh face in season two, as Tony Danza is also joining the cast as the actor playing Che's father in her sitcom pilot.

The Dress

In a Nov. 3 photo from the And Just Like That... set, Carrie was seen wearing her iconic Vivienne Westwood dress from her wedding to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in the 2008 Sex and the City movie. 

Do we hear more wedding bells?

A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

Charlotte's beloved dog Elizabeth Taylor was noticeably absent in season one, which left some fans befuddled. Charlotte did have a new bulldog named Richard Burton, but it didn't quite feel right that the legacy and impact of Elizabeth went unaddressed. 

In season two, a wrong appears to have been righted. In a Nov. 15 Instagram post, costumer designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago shared an oil painting of Elizabeth Taylor wearing a Burberry sweater, writing, "On charlotte's hallway wall."

Kristin Davis even commented, "My first baby."

May she rest in peace.

A Return to Joy

While season one of And Just Like That... was an undeniable nostalgia rush, it was a bit....bleak. An entire season centered around death and grief will do that.

However, the second season promises a breath of fresh air, at least according to Sarah Aubrey, Max's head of originals.

"What you're seeing this season is all of these characters embracing life," Aubrey told Variety Nov. 10. "It's a very joyful season and I think, in some ways, it feels like iconic Sex and the City episodes."

A Premiere Date

Season two will premiere on Max on June 22.

Kim Cattrall

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