Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted in Carrie’s Iconic Wedding Dress in And Just Like That… Pic

In a picture from the set of the second season of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That..., Sarah Jessica Parker is seen in Carrie's iconic wedding dress. Check it out here.

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Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker Rocks Carrie's ICONIC Wedding Dress AGAIN

Is Carrie Bradshaw hearing wedding bells—again?

In a Nov. 3 photo from the set of the second season of And Just Like That...Sarah Jessica Parker is seen wearing Carrie Bradshaw's classic Vivienne Westwood dress from her wedding to Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

In the snap, the actress is walking down a set of steps in the big white gown and a massive teal cape, complete with matching headpiece, gloves and heels.

The last time Carrie donned the iconic look, she was set to marry Big in the 2008 Sex and the City movie, though things did not go as planned. As SATC fans remember, Big left Carrie at the altar after he became too stressed to go through with things.

While it's unclear why Carrie is wearing the dress for the upcoming second season of And Just Like That..., we know it won't be to renew her vows to Big because he—spoiler alert!—died in series premiere.

However, we do know that one of Carrie's former flames will entering the picture in season two.

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John Corbett is reprising his role as Aidan in And Just Like That...'s second season, it was reported in August, for a "substantial, multi-episode arc."

When Carrie and Aidan's paths last crossed in 2010's Sex and the City 2, they shared a kiss, though Aidan was engaged and Carrie was still with Mr. Big.


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Now with Big out of the picture and Aidan's current relationship status unclear—maybe that ol' Vivienne Westwood gown got pulled out of storage for a reason.

At least we can dream.

While SJP exclusively told E! News in September that she can share "absolutely nothing" about the new season, we do know Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Che (Sara Ramirez) will all return, in addition to guest star Tony Danza, who will play Che's father on her new sitcom.

The second season of And Just Like That... is expected to premiere on HBO Max in 2023.

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