How And Just Like That... Season 2 Is Honoring Charlotte's "First Baby" Elizabeth Taylor

Ever wondered what happened to Charlotte's beloved King Charles Spaniel Elizabeth Taylor? And Just Like That... has seemingly revealed the pup's fate.

By Alyssa Ray Nov 16, 2022 10:38 PMTags
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Gone, but not forgotten.

It seems that Samantha Jones wasn't the only fan favorite Sex and the City character missing in the sequel series And Just Like That.... During season one of the spinoff, Charlotte's beloved King Charles Spaniel Elizabeth Taylor was noticeably absent. Instead, Charlotte, played by SATC OG Kristin Davis, was spotted walking a British bulldog, named Richard Burton.

This indicated that Elizabeth Taylor, who was not a puppy during SATC's original episodes, likely passed away between the events of the second Sex and the City film and And Just Like That.... And while it's clear that viewers have seen the last of Elizabeth Taylor, costumer designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago revealed that the set for season two—which is currently in production— features a tribute to the popular pet.

In a Nov. 15 Instagram post, the pair shared an oil painting of Elizabeth Taylor wearing a Burberry sweater, writing, "On charlotte's hallway wall."

Kristin chimed in on the sweet snap, noting alongside heart-eye emojis, "My first baby."

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Kristin's character took custody of Elizabeth Taylor in season six amid her struggle to conceive with husband Harry (Evan Handler). Charlotte goes on to be a dedicated pet parent, even after Elizabeth Taylor accidentally becomes pregnant with puppies. She and Harry later adopt their daughter Lily (played by Cathy Ang in And Just Like That...) and, in the first SATC film, welcome their second child Rose, who later reintroduces themself as Rock (Alexa Swinton) in the sequel series.

The Elizabeth Taylor tribute won't be the only SATC callback to look out for in And Just Like That...'s new season. On Nov. 3, Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed wearing Carrie's classic Vivienne Westwood dress from her disastrous wedding in Sex and the City: The Movie.

Also, according to an August report by Deadline, Carrie's former fiancé Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) is "is set for a substantial, multi-episode arc."

Sounds like Sex and the City fans have a reason to whip up some cosmos and celebrate!

Season one of And Just Like That... is available to stream on HBO Max.

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