John Corbett Reportedly Returning as Aidan For And Just Like That... Season 2

The second season of And Just Like That... might be welcoming a very familiar face into the fold. Find out what we know about John Corbett's potential involvement.

By Daniel Trainor Aug 19, 2022 6:26 PMTags
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This is not a drill, Sex and the City fans—Aidan might be back.

John Corbett, who played Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) opposites attract boyfriend Aidan Shaw for two seasons of the HBO series, will appear on season two of the HBO Max reboot And Just Like That..., according to Deadline.

While the report remains speculative, the outlet says Corbett "is set for a substantial, multi-episode arc" on season two. 

When viewers last saw Aidan, he and Carrie ran into each other and shared a kiss—though Aidan was married and Carrie was dating Mr. Big (Chris Noth)—in 2010's Sex and the City 2. If you've chosen to block that from your memory, we understand.

Prior to that encounter, Carrie broke off her engagement to Aidan near the end of Sex and the City's fourth season. Though, Carrie did run into Aidan during season six, where he informed her he was happily married and had a son.

Given Mr. Big's death in season one of And Just Like That... and the fact that we haven't seen Aidan in over a decade, perhaps it's time for a rekindling.

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Fans salivating at the idea of seeing Carrie and Aidan together again should remember that this isn't the first time this particular rumor mill has churned.

In April 2021, Corbett himself teased that he would be making an appearance on the reboot. 

"I'm going to do the show," he told Page Six, adding that the news was "very exciting" for him.

Aidan, of course, never appeared. 

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After the season one finale, creator Michael Patrick King explained why.

"It really just felt like this was a lot for Carrie," he told Deadline. "This season was a lot. We wanted to get her through [Big's death] and into the light—the last episode is called, 'Seeing the Light.' We wanted to get her out. [Aidan's return] is a big storyline that everybody at home wrote that we had never intended."

At the end of season one, Carrie had finally moved on from Big and was seen kissing podcast producer Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez). But something tells us that old flame still hasn't quite flickered out. 

We hope we get to find out.

The first season of And Just Like That... is available to stream on HBO Max.

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