Hannah Brown Originally Thought The Bachelor Was for "Losers"

The reality TV star told Marie Claire she didn't even watch the show

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Hannah Brown didn't always want to be a part of Bachelor Nation.

"I didn't aspire to be on The Bachelor," she told Marie Claire in an interview published Friday. "I didn't watch the show. I thought it was for losers truly." 

However, that all changed when the Alabama native appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. While she didn't get the final rose, she went on to star on the 15th season of The Bachelorette. Even though host Chris Harrison regularly deems seasons the "most dramatic" one yet, Brown's journey to find love was certainly one of the most eventful.

First, there were her insecurities about stepping into the Bachelorette role.

"I knew that none of the guys thought it was going to be me," she told the magazine. "I was the dark horse. They all expected probably Hannah G."

Then, she met Luke Parker and the two quickly connected over their faith.

"He made me feel like, Okay, somebody is here actually for me," she recalled. "It's kinda sad when I think about it, that I was like, Okay, I've got one."

Hannah Brown Reveals She's "Struggling" Post-"Bachelorette"

Even though several contestants voiced their concerns about the Georgia native, Brown continued to keep him around. 

"[The producers] often get credit for something like Luke and keeping him around, but it was actually the contrary," Harrison told the publication. "We felt there was going to be some Luke fatigue and would have rather him go home earlier. But the problem was, Hannah really liked the guy."

However, things quickly took a turn after the duo got into an argument over Parker's controversial comments about sex. Brown then proceeded to give him the boot.

The incident brought back memories of her former romances. Before going on the show, Brown had been in two relationships. According to Marie Claire, she lost her virginity to the first man but the two broke up after four years together. She then started dating someone else. Per the publication, they also were intimate; however, Brown eventually broke things off after realizing she still had feelings for her first love. But when she went back to him, he reportedly told her he could no longer see a future with her because she had slept with another man.

"To feel wrong or that I was bad or dirty from a man who had just told me that he loved me? It killed me," Brown told the magazine regarding her argument with Parker. "And then made me mad. But also it killed me because it put me back in a place. But then I also had this sense of strength and power. And the strength won. And I'm really proud of that."

Russell Baer for <i>Marie Claire</i>

Still, her drama with the Parker wasn't the only thing to make headlines this season. After accepting a proposal from finalist Jed Wyatt, Brown learned he had dated another woman before coming on the show. She then ended their relationship and invited the runner-up, Tyler Cameron, to get a drink. While fans thought the duo would get a second chance at love, that also changed after Cameron started dating Gigi Hadid. However, the two models have since called it quits.

Nevertheless, Brown isn't letting her past stand in the way of her future. The reality TV star is looking at new career opportunities.

"I don't want to be selling SugarBearHair [Gummies] and FabFitFun boxes," she said. "A lot of these people [from Bachelor Nation] make a lot of money really fast. It's been sickening how much money I've passed up…because I'm not doing the low-hanging fruit." 

She's also appearing on Dancing With the Stars.

Still, fans are rooting for her to find love. Some are evening wondering if she's formed a connection with pro Alan Bersten, who told Marie Claire Brown has been his favorite partner.

"I am totally okay on my own," Brown told the publication. "I don't want to have to have a man to feel whole. It's not that I need that to feel like I have a full life. No, I have a full life. Welcome into my life." 

To read her full interview, check out Marie Claire.

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