Hannah Brown Reunites With Jed Wyatt After Calling Off Their Engagement on The Bachelorette

On tonight's finale, the reality TV star confirmed it was over between the pair

By McKenna Aiello Jul 31, 2019 1:44 AMTags
Hannah Brow, Jed WyattABC/John Fleenor

Hannah Brown has come face to face with the man she thought was her one-way ticket to happily ever after. 

On tonight's especially dramatic finale of The Bachelorette fans learned that soon after accepting a proposal from Jed Wyatt, Hannah becomes aware of a woman from her fiancé's not-so distant past. After confronting Jared about rumors surrounding an alleged relationship he ended to come on the dating competition, Hannah decides it's not in her best interest to continue their engagement. 

In discussing the fallout from their whirlwind romance with host Chris Harrison, Hannah confirmed that she and Jed are currently still broken up. 

"I am not with Jed anymore," Hannah shared. "The engagement is over. We are not together. That's not what I said yes to. When I said those things, the things I said on my engagement day I thought that was my day. I feel like that was taken from me... It's been really hard to grapple with that, but I know what I got is not what I ever wanted for a life partner. That's not love built on a foundation of truth and honesty."

So when Jed and Hannah reunited for the first time since their split, you can imagine both stars had a lot to get off their chests. 

After a heartfelt apology, Jed acknowledged that he "ruined" their relationship by not coming clean about his intentions after finding love on The Bachelorette

"When I was reached out to about doing this show," he explained, "I never would've dreamed id meet the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with on a reality tv show. I was acting out of of fear instead of love and respect for you. I wasn't sure how any of it would be taken.... I held out because I was scared to lose you."

But despite admitting that he's still very much in love with Hannah, the 24-year-old Alabama native made it clear that she has no desire of reconciling. 

"I'm not trying to punish you," Hannah told Jed, "but my feelings have changed and I think when that trust was broken my feelings really just were broke with that. I don't love you like that anymore. And it's not something to clap about. It's sad."

She concluded, "I know you've hurt me but I'm not trying to hurt you right now, but it's not what anybody needs to start a relationship on… I just want to to feel really confident in my forever."

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