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Recap time! Here are all the most important, life-changing, exciting, once-in-a-life time pop culture moments that ever happened…this week.

1. Pope Francis arrived in America to make President Obama laugh, bring John Boehner to tears and of course, take selfies.

Pope, Pop Culture Recap GIF


2. This little boy couldn't blow out his birthday candles, no matter how hard he tried.

Candles,  Pop Culture Recap GIF


3. Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody announced big baby news on the same day and The O.C. fans had an emotional meltdown.

Ryan-Seth, O.C. GIFs


4. Scream Queens debuted and we learned the true queen was not Emma Roberts, but Jamie Freakin-Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens, Pop Culture Recap GIF


5. A McDonald's employee helped a disabled man eat his meal and our faith in humanity was restored.

McDonald's Man

Destiny Carreno, Facebook

6. Starbucks came out with a new fall flavor (Toasted Graham Latte) for the first time in years and literally nothing else mattered.

Yass GIF, Pop Culture recap GIF


7. Pizza Rat became not the hero we needed, but he was the hero we deserved.

Pizza Rat, Pop Culture Recap GIF


8. We met this elderly man who is spending his golden years taking his rescued dogs out on train rides.

Dog Train GIF


9. Jimmy Fallon hosted a Good Burger reunion.


Good Burger reunion, pop culture recap GIF


10. Blue Ivy was totally twinning with her mom Beyoncé.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy


11. The Amys dominated the Emmys and we accepted them as the new rulers of the Universe.



12. Serial season two info leaked and NPR was not at all happy about that.

Happy Endings Drama, Pop Culture Recap GIF


13. TGIT returned to our lives, complete with How to Get Away With Murder delivering surprise make out session.

HTGAWM, Pop Culture Recap GIF


14. A Costco shopper was so pissed off about being told to not take so many Nutella samples that he punched an old guy in the face.


Getty Images

15. Nickelodeon's Splat lineup was released and includes Legend of the Hidden Temple and Are you Afraid of the Dark? And that's basically as good as life gets for a ‘90s kid.

Splat, pop culture recap GIF


16. One Direction fans were "literally dead" after the boys dropped a bunch of big announcements.

One Direction, Louis GIF

17. Viola Davis gave a passionate and empowering acceptance speech at the Emmys that made everyone super emotional.

2015 Emmys GIFs


18. The Detroit Zoo debuted their adorable new baby red panda with the best name ever: Tofu!

Tofu, Baby Red Panda, Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo

19.Steve Harvey finally got the best Family Feud answer ever and his brain shut down.

Family Feud, pop culture recap GIF


20. Andrew Garfield couldn't stop giggling over the fact that someone tweeted that he looked like a "pedophile that lives in an R.V."

Andrew Garfield, Mean Tweets, Pop Culture recap GIF


21. And Amy Poehler just DGAF about being at the Emmys.

2015 Emmys GIFs


And that's it! See you next week, pop culture junkies!

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