31 Pop Culture Debates That Will Rage on Forever

Were Ross and Rachel on a break? Angel or Spike? Should Hermione have ended up with Harry?

By Jenna Mullins Sep 26, 2016 7:40 PMTags
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Tonight America will gather around their televisions. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, college roommates who are hosting a drinking game. Everyone will gather up their popcorn and their sure-to-be gigantic bottles of self-medicating wine to watch the very first debate of the 2016 presidential election. 

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will gather at Hofstra University in Long Island in front of NBC's Lester Holt to discuss their views on what's being described as "Achieving Prosperity," "America's Direction" and "Securing America." And while we're sure those are very weighty and important topics indeed, we are actually here today to debate some wholly different arguments.

Yes, long after humanity has died out and the raccoon overlords have taken over the planet, those raccoons will probably have completely forgotten which presidential candidate was right about achieving prosperity. But a great many pop culture debates will still be raging on in some form or another.

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Seriously, the usurper raccoon king Geoffrey will probably be fighting with his raccoon underlings about Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie.

In honor of the release of the kickoff to presidential debate season, here are 31 pop culture fights that will probably lead to a World War that will cause the extinction of humanity and the rise of the raccoons (see above):

1. Should Hermione have ended up with Harry? (Harry Potter)


J.K. Rowling said herself that she regretted putting Ron with Hermione, but did she belong with The Boy Who Lived instead?

2. Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Captain's log or a galaxy far, far away? The world universe will never settle this one.

3. Disney Classics vs. Modern Pixar

Toy Story is a beloved film and probably will be for the rest of time, but does that make it better than the movies from the era of The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast? Will Frozen, Up and the like take the place as the greatest Disney creations of all time?!

4. Britney vs. Christina

Both beloved to '90s/2000s kids for different reasons, and then there was that Madonna-Britney-Christina kiss where someone got the s--t end of the stick camera time-wise in favor of Justin Timberlake's reaction.

5. Pacey vs. Dawson (Dawson's Creek)

We don't wanna wait for the end of this debate because it will never, ever come.

6. Were Ross and Rachel on a break? (Friends)

We have strong feelings on this one, but we understand the opposing view point. Sort of. A little bit. Not really.

7. Should Carrie have ended up with Big? (Sex and the City)

After all the crap Big put her through, was getting back together with him really a happy ending? Or were they destiny?

8. Who is the best Batman?

Depends on who "your" Batman is: Keaton? Bale? Kilmer? West? There is no right answer for this one. Just kidding, it's CLOONEY. #Batnipples4life

9. Team Jacob vs. Team Edward (Twilight)

Arguments over a shirtless werewolf versus a sparkly vampire should probably be filmed and studied for science.

10. Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift 

Their bad blood will stain the thread of music history probably until pop stars are replaced with robots.

11. Angel vs. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Third option: Team Buffy.

12. Team Jen vs. Team Angie

As this last week proves, this will literally never die.

13. NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys

Quit tearing up the games you play on our hearts! Or something like that.

14. Seinfeld vs. Friends

They were both sitcoms, but they aren't really similar enough to compare. However, that doesn't stop people from that era from arguing over which series really ruled TV during the decade of Must-See TV.

15. Is 3D unnecessary?

Do studios only make movies 3D to get that extra coin? Or does it actually make movies better? Also, why wasn't Magic Mike XXL in 3D?

16. Which Real Housewives franchise is best?

Or to be more specific: which Real Housewives franchise has the most bats--t insane moments?

17. The Wire vs. The Sopranos

Both are beloved TV dramas, but pit them against each other in a "Best TV Show" ever argument and s--t goes down. And should Breaking Bad now be added to this fight?

18. Team Gale vs. Team Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Is the best friend better than the dreamy baker boy? Readers of the book know how this one plays out, but does that mean Katniss made the right choice?

19. Pepsi vs. Coke

When it comes to soda pop, there can only be one. But history has failed to prove which one.

20. Did Tony die in the finale? (The Sopranos)

Unfortunately, the only person who can give fans a direct, clear answer is executive producer David Chase, and he continues to say the same noncommittal thing: that the scene is what you make of it. 

21. Did the top stop spinning and fall at the end of Inception?

Just Google that phrase and watch the theories unravel. Warning: it will take you down a black Internet hole.

22. Who is the best Doctor? (Doctor Who)

Tennant? Smith? One of the Time Lords from the original series? The debate rages on through time and space.

23. Starbucks vs. Coffee Bean

The 'bucks or the Bean? That phrase should be on a t-shirt.

24. Mariah vs. Whitney vs. Celine

Let's all just agree that we are all fortunate to have lived in a time when these three powerhouse voices ruled the airwaves.

25. Paris vs. Nicole

Their reality show and friendship might be long over, but the feud between fans burns on like the bright spray tan that used to grace these ladies' bodies.

26. Could Jack have fit on the door with Rose? (Titanic)

A question so hotly debated that Myth Busters had to do a show about it. Although, Kate Winslet admitted that Rose probably let Jack die. 

27. Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

This is important.

28. Best Marvel Chris: Pratt, Hemsworth or Evans?

Whatever the outcome, we all win.

29. Was The Dress blue and black or white and gold?

AKA at the day the Internet was torn apart.

30. Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard


They both make great memes, that's for damn sure.

31. Was the Lost finale terrible or iconic?

Have fun asking that question to a Lost fan, because you will be listening for at least four hours as they go over their argument point by point.

And the one pop culture debate that has definitely been settled once and for all:

1. Can you even?!


If you want to announce your official position on these pop culture debates, please do so in the comments below and if you fight about something with other people related to TV, books, movies, etc…let us know and maybe we'll do a round 2 list!