Scream Queens


Important bulletin to anyone enrolled in I Want GOOD TV This Fall:

The Scream Queens premiere is exactly 14 days away! And finally, you get to see what goodness I've been yammering about: My favorite new show of the year.

I'd tell you how I've done little else this summer but plot ways to love on this show—while practicing Emma Roberts' flawless sorority-bitch stomp in the mirror, but you might think less of me. So that definitely did NOT happen.

Scream Queens


What IS happening is that in just two weeks, you'll finally get the two-hour premiere of Ryan Murphy's new horror-comedy series Scream Queens, starring Roberts as TV's most delicious and hellacious sorority girl of all time (at Wallace University), with a cast that oozes with sparkle, sophistication and kick-assery: Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, a very FUNNY  Nick Jonas and some fantastic newcomers you soon will be crushing all over.

You're gonna want in on this from the very beginning, and guess what? The very beginning of your Scream Queens 101 experience starts right here.

To get you all "studied up" for your SQ101 experience, we have exclusively acquired (OK, fine, yes, I straight-up harassed him for it), Professor Ryan Murphy's Official "Summer Viewing List" for anyone planning to watch Scream Queens. These are the most notable (epic) movies that have influenced Scream Queens in one way or another—and also, a hell of a fun list to get through.

Professor Ryan Murphy's Official Summer Viewing List


Mean Girls

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



Friday the 13th


Clearly, your weekend plans are now on lockdown, right? What could be better than a Scream Queens Prep Marathon with friends, snacks, wine? Maybe a little Red Devil roleplay? (You'll see. Oh, you'll see...)

Enjoy and study up! See you at Wallace U. on Sept. 22 on FOX!

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