Kerry Washington

Whose face has been dominating newsstands and checkout lines this year? That would be your girl, Kerry Washington.

Yes, the Scandal star has appeared on four US covers so far–InStyle, Marie Claire, Ebony, and now Glamour with Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker. That's one for every month of 2015. Plus a bonus cover: Net-A-Porter's The Edit.

This trend is in no way surprising because Gladiator or not, most of us can admit to liking something about the star—Whether it be her red carpet style, acting prowess or political enthusiasm. Basically, this is her moment and publishers, like Hollywood, know it. 

Kerry Washington

Courtesy Vanity Fair/Elle

So now the question is: When will Vogue catch on?

Not that we're campaigning for the star to get her own Vogue cover (JK. We totally are), but she's landed nearly every other major magazine in America—including Vanity Fair and Elle in 2013—and the last one left would be the fashion bible.

And there's no way her name hasn't been pitched to Anna Wintour before now. In fact, we're pretty sure hopeful that she's already booked for one this year. Maybe even, ahem, the September issue. Gasp, we know. But hey, it's perfect timing—right before Scandal's fall premiere. Just saying.

What do you think? Do you want to see Kerry Washington cover Vogue?

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