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Let the countdown begin.

Simon Cowell's coveted judging slot on American Idol is now up for grabs, but who's really, truly getting the Idol gig next season? Names are being thrown around willy-nilly (Madonna?!), but we're here to tell you things are not at all what they seem...

Very reliable Idol insiders tell us that, as of now, show producers plan on replacing the chesty Brit one?!

Says one source: "They most likely will have 'guest judges,' and not a single new Simon."

When asked about the possibility of Idol's judges table being reduced to three, à la Paula Abdul's era, Kara DioGuardi was none too pleased, stating: "I guess there's that possibility, [but] I hope not."

In fact, she'd much prefer Simon stick around the show a little bit longer--they're just finding their flirty groove, ya know?

"I only have two stories of Simon in my head: One was when I first came on the show , where [we weren't] really connecting, and I felt like he wasn't feeling me. And now this season we have a common respect for each other," she explains. "I've learned a lot from him, really enjoyed my time with him and I'm going to miss him."

What do you think about having different celebs on the panel each week next season? Could they possibly replace Simon's musical brilliance? Shower some sweet suggestions in the comments section.


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