Nick Cannon kept it classy on Watch What Happens Live Thursday.

During a game of "Plead the Fifth" with Bravo's Andy Cohen, the America's Got Talent host had an easy opportunity to trash one of his ex Mariah Carey's most panned projects ever: Glitter. But Nick, who is currently dating model Jessica White, had only glowing things to say about the 2001 film.

"Awesome movie! Honest opinion, great movie, even better soundtrack," he said. "We have watched that movie together...I loved it so much before I got married, and she actually doesn't like it...but I actually really love it."

Aw. Nick remained diplomatic when another topic came up that could've lent itself to some rather catty responses as well. Andy referenced Mariah's October 2014 Tokyo concert during which she "changed the lyrics" to her song "Don't Explain" in order to sing, "I know you cheated, mother f'er..."

"But weren't [those] the lyrics already?" asked Nick. "She just added the 'mother f'er' to it..."

"Was that about you?" asked Andy.

"Was I the mother f'er?" Nick asked, laughing. "I have—no! I don't believe that was about me."

Let's hope not. Nothing was off limits, though, during WWHL—even Amber Rose! Nick, who manages the model and has been falsely romantically linked to her in the past, explained the "biggest misconception" about Amber, saying, "[It's] that she is one of those people that's just, uh, probably out to just sell herself for the fame. Really, she's a very intelligent lady that actually has an incredible story that the world will get the opportunity to hear very soon."

Where will we be hearing this, Andy asked? "She's writing a very interesting book that deals with inspiring young women," said Nick, referring to Amber's book deal which was announced last month. "It's going to be interesting. It's going to be a whole different journey than others believe her tale is all about."

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