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    Garrett Hedlund Looks Hot on the Cover of Flaunt, Talks Brad Pitt and the Importance of Family

    Garrett Hedlund, Flaunt Tetsu Kubota/Flaunt

    Garrett Hedlund is opening up like never before!

    The Unbroken actor covers the 15th anniversary issue of Flaunt magazine, looking ruggedly handsome in a plain white T-shirt and a jacket with the sleeves pulled down. In another sexy shot, the star sits on a stool wearing a black suit—minus a shirt!

    Talk about major eye candy!

    But the 29-year-old isn't too concerned with his strikingly good looks. Instead, he'd much rather focus on portraying complex characters, making great movies, spending quality time with his loved ones and maintaining his positive outlook on life.

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    Garrett Hedlund, Flaunt Tetsu Kubota/Flaunt

    "Every once in a while we remember that life is short, and to appreciate the time with your friends and family, and to be open to have beautiful exciting moments in your days and stop worrying about what's pulling you down," he tells the mag.

    The Country Strong heartthrob, who lived on a cattle farm in Wannaska, Minn., also talks about how important it was the first time his dad visited him in Los Angeles.

    "It's hard to get him off the farm, to fly. He's gotten older now, but he was able to do it. He was helped by the assistants at the airport—not people with Blackberrys but people with a wheelchair," he says.

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    Garrett Hedlund, Flaunt Tetsu Kubota/Flaunt

    "It's not all that glamorous," he continues. "But it's nice for someone on the farm to come to a beautiful city where it's primarily 90 degrees all year round and you get to see the ocean and see a faster-paced life. But really, he's just proud of me. "

    We're sure he is!

    In his impressive career, Hedlund has already worked with Hollywood heavyweights like Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Gwyneth Paltrow and Amy Adams.

    Kirsten Dunst's beau reveals that on Troy Pitt "helped me understand a lot of the technicalities that actual filmmaking involves, how broken up it can be just to shoot one scene, how many different angles and camera shots, and how to approach the scene with different colors of emotion each take."

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    The Lullaby hunk also admits that he is very protective over his privacy. He has never had a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account, and, surprisingly, his secret Instagram only has three followers!

    "The industry can be very small sometimes," he says. "I think the only way to keep even the smallest amount of privacy is to just not participate."

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