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  1. Kris Jenner Offers to Be the Surrogate for Kim Kardashian's Third Baby: "I Would Do It in Two Seconds"
  2. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian Reminisce on Childhood Memories With Their Dad During Nostalgic Trip to Palm Springs
  3. Katie Cazorla and Tania Mehra Engage in a Never-Ending War of Words on <i>Second Wives Club</i>
  4. Khloe Kardashian Bonds With Rob's Imaginary Friend to Get Back at Her Sisters: "I Don't Need You Guys!"
  5. Katie Cazorla Hilariously Disses Tania Mehra's "Yacht" on <i>Second Wives Club</i>: "Is That a Recycling Barge?"
  6. <i>Second Wives Club</i>'s Katie Cazorla Gives Shawna Craig a <i>Pretty Woman</i> Makeover: ''Except You Don't Have to F--k Me!''
  7. Bottoms Up! <i>What Happens at The Abbey</i> Cast Reveals Which Cocktails Match Their Personalities
  8. Nikki Bella Reveals Brie Bella Had to Get a C-Section After 22 Hours in Labor: "Her Abs Were Too Tight!"
  9. <i>Second Wives Club</i>'s Katie Cazorla Compares Herself to "Classy" Co-Star Shiva Safai: "I'm So Opposite of Her"
  10. Brie Bella Is "Blessed" to Celebrate First Mother's Day by Bringing Birdie Joe Home From the Hospital
  11. Kourtney Kardashian Tells Scott Disick They Are "Never" Getting Back Together: "We Just Need to Move On"
  12. <i>What Happens at The Abbey</i>'s Cory Zwierzynski and Murray Swanby Discuss the Drama That Comes With Dating a Co-Worker
  13. Kim Kardashian Calls Khloe Kardashian a "Big Bully" for Yelling at the Family on Vacation: "Shut the F--k Up!"
  14. Brie Bella Gives an Update From the Hospital on Her First Days of Motherhood With Birdie Joe: "We Couldn't Be Happier"
  15. <i>What Happens at The Abbey</i> Cast Reveals Wildest Stories of Getting Hit On at the Bar: "He Put His Hands Down My Pants!"
  16. <i>Second Wives Club</i> Recap: Shiva Safai Becomes a Cover Model and a Nasty Feud Erupts at Katie Cazorla's Mermaid Party
  17. Kim Kardashian Details Her 8-Hour Testimony Against Paris Robbers for the First Time
  18. Katie Cazorla Hosts <i>Second Wives Club</i> Mermaid-Themed Pool Party: "We're Going to Be Ariel!"
  19. Take It Off! Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off "Bomb Ass Body" in Naked Photo Shoot—and Kylie Jenner Is So Jealous
  20. Tyler Henry and Eva Longoria Can't Stop Laughing While Connecting to Her Family on <i>Hollywood Medium</i>: ''It's Like a Big Party!''
  21. Go Behind the Scenes of Shiva Safai and Mohamed Hadid's Glamorous <i>Harper's Bazaar Interiors</i> Cover Shoot—Swans Included!
  22. <i>What Happens at The Abbey</i> Cast Breaks Down the Ultimate Bar Do's and Don'ts: "Tip Your F--king Bartenders!"
  23. <i>Second Wives Club</i>'s Shawna Craig Name Drops Husband Lorenzo Lamas in Awkward Meeting With a Potential Agent
  24. <i>The Arrangement</i>'s Christine Evangelista Hints at What's to Come in Season 2 After That Jaw-Dropping Finale
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