Summer Hats

This summer, we've picked up on a few new trends—we're looking at you, summer bobs and lavender hair. And then there are the styles that are the seasonal standard such as the classic summer hat.

A good hat can do a lot, whether it's polishing an otherwise-blah ensemble or just keeping those harmful rays off your face. And as of late, there's been no shortage of stylish toppers.

Take Stacy Keibler's straw panama hat with a sleek black ribbon. The pregnant starlet has always had envy-worthy street fashion, and now her latest acessory (which is one of many, by the way) is sparking some serious hat-spiration.

And don't forget about Lupita Nyong'o—the Oscar-winner recently hit the beach in Maui wearing a chic floppy straw hat with a light brown ribbon. Just weeks after she wore a chic black version to a polo match. Hoping to a pop of color? Look no further than Hilary Duff, who sported a bright red topper over her brand-new bob.

Suffice to say, we've never been more excited to cover up a bad hair day.

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