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Parks and Recreation's Finale Was So Jam-Packed, You May Have Missed Some Things

The Parks and Recreation season six finale had everything. Seriously, everything you have ever wanted (or never knew you wanted): Holograms! Michelle Obama! Tammy 2! Major life decisions! Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) with bangs! This line: "Call me Kristen because I am Wiiging out right now!"

"Moving Up" did exactly what the title promised and forever changed the world of Parks and Recreation and the citizens of Pawnee. Miss it? Watch it above! And don't worry; we know this felt like a series finale. It's not. Parks and Recreation will return for a new season on NBC.

It was a jam-packed hour of wonderfulness, so it's given that there are some things you may have missed. We got you. Also, spoiler warning.

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Parks and Recreation, Michelle Obama NBC

Michelle Obama. There's no way you missed her, but just to cover all the bases: She had a hilarious interaction with Leslie Knope and convinced her to take the National Parks job.

Parks and Recreation, Retta NBC

Donna's cousin Ginuwine. Parks revealed the two were related back "Sweet Sixteen" from season four.

Tammy 2. Megan Mullally returned as Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) second ex-wife, Tammy. Lucy Lawless also reappeared as Diane, Ron's wife.

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Parks and Recreation NBC

The Lil Sebastian hologram. Lil Sebastian made an on-stage appearance during the Unity Concert finale performance of "5,000 Candles in the Wind." Mouserat reunited for the special occasion. Song stuck in your head? Got ya covered.

Parks and Recreation NBC

Time jump! Yes, Parks and Recreation pulled a fast one on you and will now be set in 2017. The triplets were born! Ben wore a tuxedo (it must have been after 6 p.m., he's not a farmer)! Leslie Knope had bangs!

Parks and Recreation NBC

Jon Hamm. The Mad Men star filmed a secret cameo as Ed, the incompetent employee of Leslie's new office. He's even worse than Terry. Speaking of…

Terry. Garry, who became Jerry and then Larry is now Terry in 2017, the year Parks and Recreation jumped forward to.


Parks and Recreation will return for a seventh season.

 (E! and Parks and Rec are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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