Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt


Parks and Recreation will never be the same! And we are a little excited.

By a "little excited," we mean that we didn't so much sleep last night (too busy watching that final scene on a loop!) and hunted down Parks and Rec mastermind Mike Schur to go over the final 60 seconds of the season five finale, which jumped ahead three years and left our heads spinning right off our bodies. (Is there an herbal remedy for headlessness?)

 So, what does it all mean?

"We thought very hard about every single detail of that scene," Schur tells us. "Some of it is very meaningful. Some of it is less meaningful. We really wanted to plant little seeds to keep people guessing about the show. It really is the only way to survive and make your show interesting these days! To get people off balance, and get them excited, because audiences are so savvy."

We know that Leslie and Ben have 3-year-old triplets, and apparently are very successful. But where are Tom, Donna and Ron? Why is Andy's arm in a sling? Why is Ben is a tux? Will the whole cast be back and what about Jon Hamm?

Check out all of Mike Schur's fascinating clues below!

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