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Sofía Vergara Flashes Bikini Bottoms, Toned Abs on Women's Health Cover—See the Pic!

Sofia Vergara, Women's Health Women's Health

Although she normally opts for monokinis, for her Women's Health cover Sofía Vergara went with an itty-bitty teensy-weensy yellow polka-dot bikini.

Well, OK, technically it's a floral print, but close enough. The Modern Family star topped her swimsuit with a simple gray tank, which was tied above her bellybutton exposing her very toned abs.

She debuted the photo on her Twitter account, writing: "Gracias Women's Health!!! Luv my sexy cover!!" We have a feeling a lot of people will share that sentiment.

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Sofia Vergara, Women's Health Women's Health

When asked about her signature style, Sofia shares: "I'm Latin, and in our culture, we dress to pick up guys, or for our boyfriends or husbands, rather than for other girls. I'll prefer to die than wear boyfriend jeans!" she says, laughing.

She also isn't a big fan of the natural look either. "Some people say, 'I feel the most sexy when I just wake up,'" says Sofia, "but I feel the most sexy after I have showered, blow-dried my hair, and [put on] full makeup."

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Sofia Vergara, Women's Health Women's Health

By now, anyone who follows the star on her various social media accounts is very familiar with her smoking hot bikini photos. The star has shared not one, but two risqué thong pics, which she jokingly explains: "I'll tell you something. I've always been known for my boobs, but it pisses me off, because I do also have a great ass!" Quite right.

Then yesterday the actress switched things up and posted a throwback snapshot from 1992—when she was only 20 years old.The vintage photo was taking during a shoot in Salgara, Colombia, just four months after the star gave birth to her son, Manolo. Despite the two-decade time leap, the photos looked very similar to the Chef star's most recent vacation photos. In short: Looking at Sofia's swimsuit pictures never gets old and apparently neither does she.  

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