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The grey clouds and rain didn't stop people from having a good time this afternoon at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

And I'm not just talking about what you saw during the telecast on IFC.

The cameras couldn't capture everything. So with that, here are five things you didn't see on TV…

1. Ladies Man: Brad Pitt was the ultimate gentleman. When 12 Years a Slave was named best feature, he blew a kiss to Lupita Nyong'o on his way up to the stage to accept the award with his fellow producers. When he made his way backstage, he didn't take off to do some press until Angelina Jolie assured him, "It's OK, baby. Go ahead. I'm OK here." He later grabbed onto her when she tripped on her dress on the way to their car. And Cate Blanchett—Pitt's costar in Babel and The Curious Case of Benjamin—got a sweet embrace and kiss on the cheek from the world's sexist daddy-of-six as they passed each other in the rain. Speaking of the rain, Blanchett appeared to be the only celeb who held her own umbrella. And she did so while also carrying her Spirit Award for best actress for her work in Blue Jasmine.

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2. Boys Club: Michael B. Jordan gave Jared Leto a tight hug when the longhaired Dallas Buyers Club took a walk outside shortly have winning the best supporting actor award. A few minutes later, Andrew Dice Clay asked Leto if he could take a picture with him.

3. Robin, Who?: As we already told you, Paula Patton stunned in a yellow Lorena Sarbu minidress for her first red carpet appearance since she and Robin Thicke announced they had separated. And once inside the show, she sat at table that included Jeremy Renner, Anna Kendrick, Elisabeth Röhm as well as Michael Sheen, who Patton chatted—and laughed—with the most.

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4. No Hard Feelings: Michael Fassbender and Zoë Kravitz proved they could be friends despite their past failed romance. The X-Men costars chatted while the 12 Years a Slave star took a smoke break outside. Fassy then visited the On3 gift lounge, where he picked up swag from Breyers Gelato Indulgences, Dark Horse wine, New Balance, TiVo and DJ Phantom 2 Vision.

5. Hairy Situation: Did you see Gaby Hoffmann's recent full frontal scene on Girls? Her hair downtown left quite the impression. Well, so did the hair she was rockin' under her arms today at the Spirit Awards.

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