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Who needs color?

When the drama, intrigue, and suspense of a series are so dynamic and bright, nothing else matters. Pretty Little Liars fans are in a frenzy over Tuesday's all-new episode—and it's not because of A's latest antics. Get ready, guys and dolls, because we're about to embark on breathtaking step back in time for the series' first ever film noir-inspired episode.

It's Pretty Little Liars like you've never seen it before. The almost-entirely black-and-white hour puts an unprecedented spotlight on our leading ladies, and after seeing our Liars' lavishly lush wardrobe, you'll wish you could take a trip back to the '40s. Everything from the set's vintage detailing to the era's iconic dialect perfectly heightens the drama that we've come to expect week after week, but with a twist of Old Hollywood glam.

We've already had the pleasure of watching this one-of-a-kind television event (twice!) and now we're ready to spill secrets and share an exclusive look at one of the most unique scenes in the Pretty Little Liars' history. Here are five things you need to know about "Shadow Play"…


ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

1. Spencer's On Crazy Pills—and We Really Like It: In order solve the dangerous mysteries that are poisoning the liars' lives, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has developed an addiction to prescription pills so she can "focus" on cracking the A case. As a result of her non-stop obsessing and severe lack of sleep, this noir-inspired episode is a surprisingly real figment of Spencer's overworked imagination. Although we need to stress that addiction is terrible, we're very happy that Spencer is having this mini mental breakdown. If she continues and we get to have more brilliant and glamorous episodes like this one—well, we ain't mad at it.

2. Nothing—and We Mean Nothing—Matched: PLL is known for being one of the most fashion-forward shows on television, and Mandi Line, their head costume designer, is renowned for giving each girl a signature and iconic style. However, in this week's episode, Line revealed one crazy rule: "Color doesn't matter!" Since the episode was shot in a special black-and-white filter, the only thing that counted was where the clothing item fell on a grayscale. For example, at one point, Shay Mitchell was wearing green shoes with a purple dress and an orange belt—but in black-and-white, everything matches! The only thing that matters is how vibrant these shades of gray look onscreen.


ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

3. Alison Is the Perfect '40s Vixen: What do you get when you mix heart-stopping good looks, a sharp tongue and excessive amounts of confidence? Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), of course! But you better brace yourselves, because Ali's snark and manipulative ways are magnified 10 times over in Tuesday's blast to the past. In addition to taunting Aria (Lucy Hale) and verbally bitch-slapping Spencer, Ali gets to wear some of the best costumes of the entire episode. Luckily, Ali is just so damn gorgeous, you'll quickly forget what a horrible person she really is. Oh and get excited, Little Liars, because Ali will rephrase one of her most iconic quotes: "Now that is immortality, my darling." Ooh, chills!

4. Ezra Is the Perfect '40s Villain: We all know that Ezra (Ian Harding) has been having a devilishly good time hiding his dark side from the Liars, but he really amps up his evil ways in Tuesday's hour. Complete with Mona, (Janel Parrish) his wisecracking sidekick, Ezra's wicked ways perfectly complements the high-stakes drama that filled all of the most popular noir movies of the era. At one point, Ezra asks Spencer to make him a promise and he taunts, "Cross you heart…and hope to die?" We got chills, and you will, too!


ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

5. Sass (and Cute Shoes) Will Get You Anywhere: We'd like to call this meeting of the Man-Haters Club to order! Hanna (Ashley Benson) shines like a brand new penny in "Shadow Play" and it's all thanks to her hilariously vocal distain for men. Our blond bombshell has always been the most blunt of the group, and this trait is intensified in the all-new episode. Take a look at our exclusive sneak peek below to see how Hanna's sassy personality, (and memory for favors!) helps her con her way into some important answers.

Pretty Little Liars' film noir inspired episode "Shadow Play" airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

What are you most excited to see in "Shadow Play"? Shout out your answers in the comments below!

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