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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Ravenswood: Woah, the ABC Family definitely took a page out of the Buffy handbook and we loved it. In order to free himself of the pact signed by six of the town's families, Dillon slept with Olivia...only to offer her up to "Him" in exchange for his safety. Cold-blooded. At least it lead to this funny line from Luke? "You go all the way with a guy, he disappears for three days? Good decision!" Guys really can be monsters, no? 

Pretty Little Liars: Woah, shocking hookup reveal is shocking! We're not exactly sure why we're surprised by anything Ezra does as this point, but we were still totally blown away by the reveal that he and Ali had hooked up in the past. Still, even more shocking was one of the Liars learning about this past dalliance: Spencer! (We always knew she was the smart one.)

Also, anyone else so against a Mona and Mike Montgomery (Aria's little brother) coupling? Raise your hand and say "Hell nay" with us, won't you?

Line of the Night: "Wear a salmon cardigan with a paisley scarf? Who am I, an escaped mental patient?" Oh, Cougar Town, we love you so. 

The Originals: We've finally found the one thing that can truly hurt Klaus: the truth. Long ago on The Vampire Diaries, we learned Klaus was truly afraid of his father, Mikael, who made it his life mission to hunt Klaus down. (Klaus wasn't really his son as his wife had an affair with a werewolf. #Supernaturalsoapproblems, are we right?) And Mikael was the reason Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah left New Orleans (and Marcel) behind all those years ago. But it was revealed in tonight's episode just how Mikael found out Klaus was in the Big Easy: Marcel and Rebekah, desperate to be together, called him to town. Ouch. While Klaus didn't find out the truth just yet, we suggest all of the French Quarter start preparing for his wrath when he does.

Oh, and Klaroline fans hoping for a mention of the couples' hot romp in TVD's 100th episode were gifted with this line from Marcel: "You're in a good mood…you should visit Mystic Falls more often." 

Degrassi: Welcome back, students. Ready for a rundown of all the drama going down at Canada's most infamous school? Fresh off their kiss, Drew is definitely into Clare, who got back together with Eli. (Still can't believe he cheated.) So how is Drew going to play this one? By using Zoe to make his V.P. jealous. Because that always ends well.

But the TeenNick drama is tackling the sensitive issue of domestic abuse with Alli and her now-husband Leo, the French guy she fell for in Paris. While he's gotten physical with her before, Alli kept taking him back and still married in him in the premiere, only for him to hit her again. (It was so hard to watch.) Unfortunately, instead of telling her parents the truth, she lied and said she was attacked by a mugger. (And to help fans of the show, Degrassi is partnering with Love Is Enough to raise awareness through PSAs with the cast.)

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