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Lock the doors, turn on the lights and grab your teddy bear—it's time for the Ravenswood winter finale. 

For the past nine episodes fans have screamed, gasped and cringed as five extraordinary teens have fought for their lives against dark forces and a deadly curse that infects the town. Now, the Pretty Little Liars spinoff has reached the end of its first run and you better believe it's going to be one hell of an episode. (Emphasis on the hell part.)

To get you as prepared as possible for all the shocking twists and turns, we sat down with Ravenswood stars Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Gale Anderson to find out what dangers are ahead for our favorite guy and ghost. Plus, we can't get enough of this supernatural series, so we chatted with executive producer Joseph Dougherty for a deeper peek into Hanna's suppressed psychic abilities and the plans for more Pretty Little Liars crossovers. 

First off, it wouldn't be a proper finale tease if we didn't give you shippers a status update on your favorite crosstown kinda, sorta couple, would it? Dougherty, who also happens to be a pretty big Haleb fan, said viewers will get "a lot of questions answered" when it comes to the fate of your favorite couple.

Are you dying for as much Haleb scoop as possible? Perfect! Check out our exclusive clip of Hanna's surprise return to Ravenswood above, as well as some sultry scoop from her on-screen beau right here. For everyone else, let's discuss Hanna's connection to the supernatural realm…

We all know that Miss Marin has always had a keen sense of whatever dark forces may be near—remember when she noticed Max, the little girl in the red coat, straight away in the Halloween special? Well Dougherty revealed that Hanna's connection to the other side is not a coincidence, and it's only going to grow stronger in her next visit to Ravenswood. 


ABC FAMILY/Patti Perret

"Hanna may be more plugged in to things than she knows, but she's just experiencing them as her reality, he explained. "You can't be in that town and not be affected, but Hanna has that slight sensitivity to pick up on things. The interesting thing is she doesn't know they're psychic things she's picking up on, so to her it's all reality." Looks like Hanna Marin has another special skill that she can add to her Nancy Drew résumé—beat that, Spencer (Troian Bellisario)!

Although we're thrilled that Hanna is coming back to town, we're most looking forward to discovering as many secrets as possible about this deadly and mysterious curse. Luckily, Tyler Blackburn is just as eager for fans to get the answers that we so desperately crave.

Blackburn revealed that he is excited for viewers to see all of the five "band together" in an epic good vs. evil battle royal near the end of the episode. "This big show down in the finale is really great," the actor gushed. 

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"I'm excited to see it because we have so many effects. There's fire effects, they had this wind machine that just blew us back, and it was insane. I literally flew back from it! So I'm really excited for people t see it and there will be answers to be a lot of questions in that scene alone," he promised.

For most shows, an epic showdown would be enough, but not for Ravenswood! Anderson teased, "The final scene where the season finale leaves off is also a really awesome cliffhanger and a big moment for [Caleb]." Hmm, now wait a second, we have two Calebs on this show. Care to elaborate Nicole? "It leaves off on a really awesome cliffhanger that involves Original Caleb," she said.

Take a look at our full interview with the Ravenswood stars above for even more jaw-dropping teases on tonight's finale. 

Looking ahead, we're hopeful that Ravenswood will be renewed for many more episodes and if we get our wish, Dougherty is excited to blend the towns of Rosewood and Ravenswood a lot more often.

"We're thinking about the future in both short term and long term," the EP explained. "It has been a very interesting experience doing this particular show, launching it the way we did and realizing perhaps that we separated it from PLL a little too soon. We'd like to see them maybe a little bit more closely aligned in the future." We couldn't agree more!

Ravenswood's winter finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family. 

Would you like to see more PLL and Ravenswood crossovers? Which character do you think could switch sides? Are you excited to see more of Hanna's psychic skills? Tells us all your thoughts in the comments below!

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