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Which Celebrity Was the Best Dancer at the Grammys? (Spoiler Alert: It Wasn't Taylor Swift)

Last night, all of us regular people got to watch what happens when all of our favorite concert performers go to a concert. That concert was called the Grammy Awards (only seven awards were actually handed out, compared to 20-something performances, sooooo, it was basically just a concert).

There weren't enough cutaways to the dancing celebrities for our liking, but when there were, a lot of celebrities just bopped along to the music:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

While others chose not to bob and opted to sway to the music instead:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

Or show off their best white people dance moves:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

Go, Katy Perry! It's your birthday! Go Katy! Go Katy!

But who rose above the rest? Who was the best celeb dancer of the night?

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Let's investigate.

There were only three celebrity dancers who deserve to be discussed here. They are:


Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

Just kidding! Girl, is that dancing? Is that how you dance?!

3. Beyoncé: Our second runner-up literally shoved her ass into the camera while she was onstage, but this is about her audience dancing, not what she did during a performance. And it appeared that Bey was just another bopper:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

Until the camera caught this fleeting moment during Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" performance:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

Was Beyoncé having a dance-off and nobody filmed it?! If so, fire that cameraperson, fire the Grammy producers, shut down the music industry. Everyone go home. But because we will never know what moves B threw down during this (maybe?!) dance-off, she takes the second runner-up spot.

2. Taylor Swift: During the very first performance of the night (the aforementioned Beyoncé Knowles), Taylor was already on her feet dancing. So we wouldn't blame you for assuming she would be the best dancer of the night, as she is often the best dancer at any given award show.

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

And Taylor did win. In sheer volume alone. This was all during one performance:

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off
Grammy Performance GIF
Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off
Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

(Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons, awesomely mashing up "Radioactive" and "m.A.A.d. City." We bet Taylor calls those her "gangsta" dance moves.)

But the best dancer of the night was...

1. Yoko Ono: For this move alone.

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

She even looks cool bopping!

Grammys, Celebrity Dance Off

So in summary, Yoko Ono > everyone. Sorry, Taylor, take a seat.

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