Though with Vine, "Best" really is a relative term. 

If you want to pinpoint the exact moment that society began to crumble, look no further than when this six-second video app was released and the hoards of teens who began "doing it for the Vine."

What exactly were they doing? Telling the world black people are like this and girls are like this. Slap camming and dropping that thun thun thun. BatDad-ing and getting hit by cars. So on and so forth. 

Some were funny. Some were weird. Some were stupid. Most were so, so embarrassing.

We mostly just like the ones with animals or cute little kids.

Bonus: If you want to see the most terrifying, nightmare-enducing Vine of 2013, click here.

If you need a palette cleanser, here is another edition of the best news bloopers of 2013:

Actual LOL.

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