By day, he's father-of-four Blake Wilson. Also by day, he's BatDad. He probably just sleeps at night.

Like every superhero, BatDad has a truly epic origin story: "My wife and I were shopping for a child's birthday party," he emailed Buzzfeed. "While browsing the toy aisle I saw that Batman mask...I ended up buying it and when we got in the minivan I put it on and told my wife I'm BatDad lol."

As BatDad, he teaches his children (his nemeses?) everyday lessons—cover your mouth when you cough, wear your seatbelt, etc.—but his real hero work may be saving Vine from the utter darkness which consumes it (i.e. this crap).

Behold, your new favorite superhero movie, told in 6 second bits:

NEWS: The real Batman, Ben Affleck, escorts his pirate daughter to Krispy Kreme

Or watch a compilation of BatDad Vines. This way, you get the added benefit of watching his wife, Jen, seemingly become more and more exasperated every time he BatDads her.

(For the record, Blake says she thinks it's "hilarious.")

"Best 10 bucks I've spent," BatDad tweeted alongside a picture of his Target mask.

We agree. This is the hero we both want and deserve.

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