The best news bloopers of 2013 might just be the best anything of 2013.

NewsBeFunny compiled this 15-minute supercut, which includes clips from local and international newscasts (don't worry, bloopers translate in every language). And trust us, it's well worth the 15 minutes.

You don't need much commentary, but here are a few notes: First of all, the lady with the "electronic tooth brush" from the 1:56-2:11 mark? There is no way that is real! How is that real?!

Otherwise, thank the news gods above for signal delays. People falling is always funny. People dancing behind news anchors is always funny. News bloopers involving animals are always funny.

And on top of all of that, there are two appearances by the human blooper Rob Ford.

What more can you ask for? Just remember, while we're laughing at the news bloopers, they do have real life consequences. At least one news anchor featured in the supercut was fired for his blooper. F--king s--t, right?!

The clip's only mistake: Charles Ramsey isn't a blooper. He's a damn American hero.

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