Vine Purposeful Accident


Here is a comprehensive list of what Vine has contributed to society: 


The app, which is basically Instagram for six-second videos (before Instagram added video), has become a downward spiraling mess, with people doing anything for Vine likes—and hashtagging them all #DoItForVine.

This includes, but is not limited to: Rubbing ice cream on themselves in drive thrus, harassing strangers, lighting themselves on fire, gallon smashing, twerking, not dropping that thun thun thun, smack camming, slapping cops, etc.

And now this guy got hit by a car:

The Indiana University student in the video (H/T Gakwer) later explained on Twitter, "Here I am sitting in the hospital, thanking God I'm alive. Thanking God for my stupidity, for my courage. Life is precious. Thank the Lord." 

For the record, he walked away mostly unscathed, aside from "a cut to the bone, bruised left butt cheek, and some common sense." But he concluded, "I put my life on the line, my friends' life on the line, my family's life on the line, all for six seconds. Don't do it for the Vine."

Kids, please stop doing it for the Vine. Instagram a #ThrowbackThursday or something.

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