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Once Upon a Time Midseason Finale: Robbie Kay Teases Father-Son Shake-Ups and Pan's "Intensely Evil" Intentions

Peter Pan, Once Upon A Time ABC

The infamous purple smoke is rolling back into Storybrooke!

On Sunday's midseason finale of Once Upon a Time, danger is lurking behind every corner as the sneaky shape-shifting Peter Pan aims to destroy Storybrooke once and for all. The lines between good and evil are blurred as old enemies become new allies and attempt to band together to defeat the curse before it's too late.

To get you even more excited for the last spellbinding episode of the year, we chatted with the world's most dangerous Neverland resident, Robbie Kay, to find out all the final tricks Pan has up his sleeves. Plus, we've got exclusive scoop on Pan and Rumplestiltskin's rocky relationship and the epic showdown that could change their fates forever.

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Thanks to Disney's animated flick, most people imagine Peter Pan as a carefree hero; however, Kay spills that he has loved getting to play such a twisted and intensely evil character. The 18-year-old actor explains, "My personal opinion on him is that he obviously is a very, very dark character and has undergone an awful lot of twists from the original fairy tale that everyone sort of relates to."

Kay continues, "The original Peter Pan obviously did have dark undertones that were often overlooked so I think OUAT has really gone back to that and has obviously intensified it. Honestly, I think it's been fantastic to be able to play such a dark and complex role in such a great environment."

And the darkness will only continue to grow in Sunday's brand-new episode. When we last saw Pan, he was hiding out inside Henry's body and had just snagged Regina's most powerful memory-wiping curse. Yikes! But Kay promises that Pan will not be trapped within Henry's body for good. "You will see another body shift, so Pan will return to his original body," he says.

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Peter Pan, Once Upon A Time ABC

Fans will also witness the highly anticipated battle between Pan and his son Rumplestiltskin. (It's still so strange to imagine Pan as a daddy!) "It will reach a climax and you're going to see more interaction with Rumplestiltskin once Pan returns to his own body." Kay reveals. "You'll see a change in the relationship in the midseason finale, so they will touch upon that, and it will just be very interesting to see where they go from there as the season progresses."

Woah! Does this mean that Papa Pan and Rumple could actually start to get along? The Once Upon a Time star answers, "I mean, the show has an opportunity to take an awful lot of different directions, so you'll have to wait until March 9 to see whether or not that relationship progresses."

As for Regina's devastating curse, Pan is willing to do whatever it takes to get as much power as possible. (Like father, like son!) "You know that Pan does like to take things to the extreme, so you will see some of that. The curse does have the potential of creating a new Neverland which is obviously Pan's new aim with Felix, Kay teases. "I think fans just on the whole will be very excited to see that come to a climax."

Once Upon a Time's midseason finale airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC!

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