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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Once Upon a Time: Our favorite fairytale characters finally reunited in tonight's episode when Emma, Regina, Fake Henry and the rest of the Jolly Roger crew dropped anchor in Storybrooke. All of the hugs and squeals of delight were magical, but of course nothing compared to the Rumbelle adorableness. So. Many. Feels!

Unfortunately this happy ending was short-lived when "Henry" (aka Peter Pan disguised in Henry's body) unleashed the shadow on Storybrooke and the evil creature killed The Blue Fairy. Time to start believing in yourself again, Tink! Emma once again followed her gut and discovered that the real Henry was trapped in Pandora's Box. She freed her son just in time to discover that Pan had snagged the instructions for Regina's wipe-everyone's-memories curse. His plan? To create a new Neverland to rule over—only this time, true love won't be able to break the curse. Dun dun duuuunn!

Homeland: Tonight was the penultimate episode for season three and we were on the edge of our couch for the entire time. Here's all you need to know: Brody killed Akbari! Yay, way to finally choose a side, Brody! When Saul attempted an extraction and Brody turned him down, the current head of the CIA decided that the only acceptable response to try to preserve Javadi's safety was to kill Brody. Nooo!

Brody decided to go rogue, but once again Carrie defended him and then broke protocol to reach out to him. No one believed them and an attempt is made to capture and/or kill Brody. In the episode's only sweet moment, Brody said to Carrie on the phone, "I killed him. Get me out of here." Fingers crossed she will, and fingers crossed she starts acknowledging that there is a baby growing inside of her! Would it kill you to take some prenatal vitamins, girl? 

The Amazing Race And we have a winner! After traveling across four continents, nine countries and more than 35,000 miles we finally have the newest winners of The Amazing Race. Wanna know who snagged the one million dollar prize? Find out right here, plus get exclusive scoop on what's coming up in season 24. 


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Revenge: Join us, Hamptonites! It's about to get real dramatic up in here. In tonight's perfectly posh episode of Revenge, Lydia returned with a vengeance and some of the best one-liners we have ever heard in the Grayson's manor. She even made herself comfortable in Victoria's bedroom where she found the incriminating photo of Emily that proved that Emily has been red Sharpie stalking the Grayson's for years!

Emily has been practicing her how-to-pretend-like-she's-being-murdered techniques, and in the midst of all that wackiness, Aiden proposed to her saying, "Loving you is my mission." Ummm, we'd like two engagement rings too, please! Emily also managed to kill two birds with one stone: She framed Victoria for leaking the news of her pregnancy to the press, and the announcement of Daniel's soon-to-be-baby freaked out Sarah, his former girlfriend turned lover. Daniel then re-pledged his allegiance to Emily and all is as well as it can be in the Hamptons.

Oh! Except for the part when Victoria told Emily that she would not be attending their wedding. Now who is going to shoot Emily?! We have a few guesses

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