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WARNING: We're about to discuss the insane mid-season finale of Nashville. If you haven't seen the episode or don't want to be spoiled by our jaw-dropping recap of crazy—leave now! Everyone else, let's dish…

Hold onto your hats, country fans, because Nashville just gave us a jam-packed hour of what-the-hell-just-happened?! Not one, but two lives are hanging in the balance after tonight's shocking midseason finale.

We've been preparing you for tonight's deadly twists and turns for the past few weeks, and now we're here to catch you up on everything you may have missed. Plus, we've got scoop on the fate of these two characters when Nashville returns in January.

First things first: Let's talking about everyone's favorite heartthrob, Will Lexington (Chris Carmack). Did anyone else shriek "Noooooo!" as Will turned on the train tracks to face his deadly (and yet totally avoidable!) fate? Our rising country star decided that he would rather end his life than admit to himself—and his adoring fans—that he is attracted to men.

We were absolutely heartbroken to see that this character would choose to stand before a speeding train in the dead of night than embrace who he really is. It gets better, Will, we promise!

With the train rushing towards him, the screen cut to black before fans could tell if Will really decided to take his own life.

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Now onto the second potential casualty of the night: In the last minute of the episode, Teddy (Eric Close) had just finished telling Rayna (Connie Britton) that he and Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) are very happy together—and then all hell broke loose! As Teddy turned to walk back to his wife, a random passerby pulled out a gun and fired a shot in the air while our mayor wrestled the pistol out of his hand.

Rayna (and her gorgeous head of hair) was just fine (as was the hair), but unfortunately we can't say the same about Peggy. As the camera turned, we saw Teddy's new bride was lying on the ground completely motionless. Did the bullet hit her?! We're not quite sure…

However, we can reveal that when the ABC country smash returns in January only one of these doomed characters will survive.

But the question is: Which character will say goodbye? Peggy or Will?

Vote in our poll below and then commiserate—and lay down your best theories—with your fellow Nashville fans in the comments.

Nashville's Deadly Mid-Season Finale
Which character do you think is going to die?
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